Fake Gang Member Wants SBC to Excommunicate Those Who Criticize Southern Baptists

Here, Kyle J. Howard claims to be “free-style rapping” but you can clearly see his eyes in the video reading words across the screen in front of him.

A few things we know for certain. Elizabeth Warren is not a Cherokee Indian. Jussie Smollett was not beat up by guys in MAGA hats. Rachel Dolezal is not African American. And Kyle J. Howard was never in a gang.

Kyle J. Howard claims that he was secretly in the Crips gang for a couple years in High School, and that he was able to hide it from his girlfriend (now, wife) and parents. Howard is of Caucasian and African ancestry and was raised in an affluent home by a loving family consisting of two parents who were both attorneys. Howard claims to be a “racial trauma counselor” and uses his purely fabricated back-story to bolster his credentials as someone who has been the target of racism and oppression.

Howard continues to claim he was in a gang in high school, despite the fact that nobody really believes him. It’s sad to watch.

Given his birth into extreme white privilege and the lack of witnesses (Howard claims everyone in his gang is dead or in prison) of his claims, Pulpit & Pen has a current bounty of two thousand dollars for anyone who can substantiate his secret thug-life testimony. No one has yet to step forward with any information corroborating the tall tales of this lifelong student and leftist community organizer.

Pulpit & Pen has verified that Howard did not serve as “an intern at HeartCry Missionary Society” as he alleges in his bio.

Yet, Howard’s made-up tales of oppression and suffering have garnered him the support of Beth Moore (who he calls “auntie” and who, in return, calls him “nephew”) and Russell Moore.

Kyle J. Howard (frontward left) is at this main table at the MLK50 Conference with Beth Moore, Russell Moore, and Matt Chandler.

Today, Howard called for Southern Baptists to excommunicate churches whose pastors criticize other Southern Baptists.

It has to be false to be slander.

Kyle J. Howard and his woke acolytes in the evangelical Social Justice Movement desperately want to shut down all criticism of the SBC elite. We’ll be here doing it anyway.

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