When Pressed, Beth Moore Chooses Not to Condemn Homosexuality

When given the chance to clarify her position on the sinfulness of homosexuality from an open letter addressed to her by female-to-female Bible teachers, Beth Moore chose to clarify nothing at all. Aligning herself with Jonathan Merritt, Sam Allberry, and so many more Same-Sex Attracted “Christians,” Moore refused to alienate her homosexual fans.

Moore, like the Trojan Horse of mythology, was snuck into the Southern Baptist Convention and wider evangelicalism via LifeWay Christian Resources under false pretenses. Although discerning Christians have long noticed that Moore has been a notoriously shallow and emotion-based teacher, they did not until recently know that Moore is a theological leftist.

After an endless social media tirade advocating for women preaching in authority over men and after championing ‘woke’ Social Gospel theology for the last year or so, some of Moore’s fellow female Bible teachers penned her an open letter, asking where she stood on the topic of homosexuality. Ostensibly, this is because Moore’s ideological team is pro-homosexual, and includes her fellow Social Justice Warriors Preston Sprinkle, the aforementioned Jonathan Merritt, and Jen Hatmaker.

While speaking out in favor of Democratic talking points, these women have noticed that Moore has been utterly silent on the sin of sodomy. And so, a number of female-to-female Bible teachers posited the question to Moore in an open letter.

The letter reads:

It is this Johnny-on-the-spot readiness to engage issues related to misogyny and racism that makes your virtual silence on the issue of homosexuality so puzzling…

It continues:

Both Jen Hatmaker and Jonathan Merritt are known for their belief that practicing homosexuals can be Christians. Given that this is such a deeply held conviction that both share and this conviction (wrong though it is) has cost them both in their standing amongst theologically conservative evangelicals, and that they both praise you so highly, it raises the natural question as to where you stand on this issue.

And again:

When all of this is coupled with your total silence on homosexuality (in stark contrast to your very vocal stance on gender/racial/abuse issues) it naturally raises the question as to what your beliefs on it truly are.

The teachers then ask Moore plainly if she believes homosexuality is “inherently sinful” and whether or not the practice of the homosexual lifestyle is compatible with Christianity.

Many in evangelicalism, except those in the real discernment community, sat on pins and needles awaiting Moore’s response (discerning Christians already knew).

Instead of directly addressing their open letter with clear answers, Moore took to Twitter to give a long-winded response that said, well…basically nothing of substance and deflected from the issue of homosexuality altogether.

Moore responded, “The moment I can figure out who Jesus doesn’t love & did not give His life for & would’ve been refused to be seen with, I’ll do my best to start shunning them immediately.”

Moore went on to to ask, “Do I still call sin sin? Robustly so.”

However, then Moore went on to cite Galatians 5 which does not reference homosexuality.

These female-to-female Bible teachers wanted Beth to come clean on where she stood on homosexuality, but Moore would not so much as address the sin at all. It is very clear that Moore, like so many ‘woke’ evangelical leaders, care more about ‘white guilt’ than sodomites on parade in our streets.

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