Christian Radio Host, Steve Deace, (Rightfully) Rips Into Russell Moore

A popular conservative Christian radio personality, who is also a Blaze TV host, recently ripped into Russell Moore over the same tweet that was criticized by Liberty University President, Jerry Falwell, Jr.

Deace, who was a Never-Trumper during the 2016 election (partially due to his concerns over Trump’s moral character), is a committed evangelical with rather solid theology (Pulpit & Pen emailed Deace several weeks ago to ask why he had a Joel Osteen item in the background of his studio set, and Deace explained that it was mockery of the prosperity preacher, to our great relief). But like Falwell, Deace apparently has had enough of Moore’s sniveling, pointless pontificating and unhelpful whining.

Russell Moore is the Southern Baptist Convention’s Virtue Signaler in Chief. He’s also the President of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) and runs the Evangelical Immigration Table for his other boss, George Soros (Soros funds the Evangelical Immigration Table, which is a division of his National Immigration Forum). Moore, who was a Democratic staffer before earning one of the top seats at the formerly conservative denomination, has been repeatedly marked as a liberal insurgent in recent days, a claim that Pulpit & Pen has been making for more than half a decade.

Deace, who as a committed Christian detests liberals who use religion to push their political agenda, has honed in on Moore, and boy did he ever put Moore into his place. Again, as the main Christian news and commentary outlet warning about Moore for years, watching someone of Deace’s notoriety take Moore to task is almost cathartic.

Deace subtweeted Moore’s original tweet, which lamented the treatment of children at U.S. border facilities, which they have to suffer because they have bad parents who are criminals. We wrote about Falwell’s response in the post, Jerry Falwell, Jr. Takes Russell Moore to the Woodshed.

Even Ascol tries to score bleeding-heart brownie points.

Some have asked the question of what exactly was wrong with Moore’s original tweet. Even Social Justice Contra, Tom Ascol, rebuked Falwell’s critique of Moore as “not helpful,” before blathering on about “dignity and respect” (Ascol is a consummate denominational politician, which often clouds his judgment in spite of him being in the right doctrinal hemisphere).

The answer as to what is “wrong” with Moore’s tweet is that it isn’t just that one particular tweet. Moore chimes in daily with constant rebukes of the Trump Administration that he never dared give his Democratic president, Barack Obama. Furthermore, as both Falwell and Deace point out, Moore’s complaining does nothing but signal virtue, absent of any helpful discussion. And finally, Moore’s solution to the border crisis is the same as George Soros’, for whom he works; open borders, amnesty, and a dismantling of American sovereignty. In reality, men like Moore and Soros like to see a crisis at the border (even if it’s one they helped created) in order to have a reason to push for an immigration reform that gives them their globalist wishlist.

So…Deace lit him up.

After pointing out that the crisis is caused by an open border in the tweet above, Deace continued…

“Congrats on checking your daily social media box, but now what is your adult solution to the actual problem?”


Deace continued…

Deace’s argument is that Moore’s endless attacks on the U.S. Border Patrol and immigration officials don’t help the problem. Our nation is being overrun, as Deace points out, by hundreds of thousands of people. It’s simply unreasonable to expect the United States to comfortably accommodate uninvited guests, let alone foreign invaders.

The real solution to this humanitarian crisis is border security. But Moore’s solution is to end borders altogether. If you think the situation is bad now, wait until Moore, Soros, and their globalist friends get their way and it’s a free-for-all race to the United States from south of the border. Then, not even Russell Moore’s 5-million-dollar ERLC budget could put a dent in the cost of caring for immigrant children for even a day.

Russell Moore, by the way, lives in an affluent “white” gated community. If he’s really that saddened by immigrants living in climate controlled tents at the U.S. border, he could offer to put up a few of them in his expensive home (we would show a photo and address from Google Earth, but it might get us kicked off of our ad platforms for ‘doxing’).

Right now, the SBC budget is about $135 million dollars. Surely if the ERLC and its president, Russell Moore, wanted to help migrants, they could put some of that money into doing so, rather than demanding it of the U.S. taxpayer.