Illegal Aliens Are Horrible Parents

While conditions at U.S. border detainment facilities are rumored to be “concentration camps,” the irony is that people are climbing walls and cutting through fences to get in. And sometimes, they are so selfish as to bring their children with them as they voluntarily surrender themselves into U.S. custody as criminals.

Not only do the facilities at the Southern United States border resemble nothing of the Auschwitz-type concentration camps of the Second World War, but they also have significantly better accommodations for children than their parents could provide. These facilities have electricity, climate-control, mattresses, food, and water. And that’s significantly better than what many of the children had to endure at the hands of their awful parents, who tried to sneak them across the American border.

The proper response to U.S. Border Patrol agents who have to take children into custody away from their derelict parents is gracias. If they had good parents they wouldn’t be in this position to begin with.

Whether or not the United States government is operating “concentration camps” depends largely upon your (A) source of news and (B) grasp of history. The claim, made most notably by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, has been resoundingly rebuked by Holocaust survivors and anybody who can compare two photographs.

The photo (above) is of a temporary holding facility for minors. The reason children are detained separately from their parents is because their parents are criminals trying to invade a foreign country, and potentially dangerous. Also, because there aren’t facilities designed to house single family units (nor should there be, because we are not the world’s Motel 6), it would be irresponsible to allow the many child molestors, rapists, and drug dealers sneaking into the country be around minor children.

However, the photo with the mats and space blankets above is about as bad as it gets. From facilities like this, children who are separated from their criminal parents get placed into better facilities until at such time they can be united with their parents in a responsible fashion.

Now, this is a photo of an actual concentration camp.

Dauchau Concentration Camp, 1945

While conditions at U.S. border facilities are not ideal for children, it’s the fault of the horrible mothers and fathers who brought them there without following the proper legal procedures to ensure safe and lawful transport.

However, liberal concerns are overblown. NPR, when describing the “deplorable” conditions at the border facility in Clint, Texas, complained that children are “only getting instant meals, kool-aid, and cookies.”

That sounds like a concentration camp, right?

No doubt, it’s better than their home.

The Bible has some very harsh things to say about those who put children in harm’s way. For those who are attempting to illegally enter the United States’ sovereign territory, in disrespect and contempt for the rule of law, any harm that comes to their children is the consequence of their own sin and lawlessness. Likewise, using children for the purpose of propaganda – knowing they are in harm’s way – is one of the most despicable abuses of children imaginable.

Simply put, those attempting to break into the United States with their children are child-abusers. Their children are in far more jeopardy because of the ineptitude of their parents than they are from whatever danger lies behind them at home.

The question really shouldn’t be whether or not we separate illegal alien children from their parents. The only question should be whether or not we ever give them back.