Bethel Church Advertising “Prophetic UNO” Cards

In 2017, Pulpit & Pen revealed that Bethel Church in Redding, California, was peddling Christian Tarot Cards, which was subsequently written about in other media outlets like the Christian Post. Bethel leadership denied using Tarot-type cards, but their deflections were soon dispelled by facts. Now, it seems that Bethel is back in the divination card industry, and is peddling “Prophetic UNO cards.”

No joke.

The Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry School Planting Facebook page included a description of “Prophetic UNO.”

The Facebook post read, “Grab some UNO cards (a few of each color) and place them in the middle of the group. Have your students take turns going around in the circle turning over the next card. Follow the instructions (below) as to what to do with that particular card. This exercise is best with groups of 6-8 students.”

Ergo, it seems that Bethel has designed a game, using cards, to teach youth or students how to prophecy.

It continues…

RED – you give a prophetic word to the person on your left about their financial situation.

GREEN – you give a prophetic word to the person on your right about their relationship with someone close to them

YELLOW – you choose who to give a prophetic word to in the group about their career/employment/job

DRAW 2 – give any 2 people in the group a prophetic word about their identity

WILD CARD – choose whether you give a prophetic word to someone about their destiny or choose someone to give you one about your destiny.

This, of course, is just a different form of Tarot. And this occultism is what is being taught to students at Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry and from there, being sent out to churches across the world.