Hillsong ‘Worship’ Concert Includes Women on Stage, Writhing in Towels

Video and freeze-frames from a recent Hillsong music conference reveal a dance number that includes women writhing about sexily in the near-nude, only covered by bath towels. This isn’t the first time that Hillsong has confused worship with flesh-peddling.

Hillsong has repeatedly used naked or near-naked performers to entertain their (mostly) lost audiences. In 2016, Pulpit & Pen broke the story about Hillsong’s infamous “naked cowboy,” in which a youth pastor jumped on stage in his birthday suit (and a guitar for crotch cover) to entertain the ladies. Then, this same naked cowboy showed up in his underwear, draped with girls, at a Hillsong Christmas event. We also brought to you stories about multiple Hillsong Christmas concerts that resembled burlesque shows, which others called their “Sleazy Night Christmas Special.”

This is a video from Hillsong NYC (pastored by Carl Lentz) singing, “Praise the name of the Lord our God.” Hillsong NYC is the church whose worship team was lead by two famous celebrity gay boyfriends, which was at first denied by Lentz until Pulpit & Pen found a video of Hillsong guru Brian Houston admitting the NYC campus had homosexual worship leaders.

At the 37 second mark of this video, you can see an assortment of women dancing as Vegas chorus line dancers or can-can girls in nothing but towels, as though fresh from the shower.

Hillsong puts on display for entertainment what any right-minded godly woman would conceal from public view. The worship cult literally has no shame whatsoever.

What Hillsong does is not for the glory of a holy God, but for the entertainment of sinful men. For more on why Hillsong music is dangerous for your church, click here.

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