Jerry Falwell Jr Takes Russell Moore to the Woodshed

Liberty University president, Jerry Falwell Jr., is well-aware of the Southern Baptist Deep State and is ‘on to’ Russell Moore. The son of Moral Majority leader, Rev. Jerry Falwell Sr., Falwell’s talents include political prowess as much as theological acumen. This leaves Falwell especially suited to sniff-out and bark at liberals masquerading as religious conservatives. Falwell’s dislike of Moore is palpable.

Russell Moore, a former Democratic staffer, confessed Communitarian, and George Soros partner, is the president of the Southern Baptist Convention’s ERLC. Although some Southern Baptists do realize that a leftist is in control of their political lobbying arm, many denominational pastors are asleep at the wheel, convinced that a liberal could never hold such power within America’s largest ‘conservative’ denomination.

And, if you’re like Pulpit & Pen and have been trying to warn people for half a decade that Moore is a Democrat operative, Falwell’s dislike of Moore is beautiful.

Moore, a virtue-signaling daisy, took to Twitter with his Soros-funded immigration rhetoric and bled his heart all over the social media platform, which for Moore is a daily occurrence.

What Moore is less overt about is his solution for the immigration problem, which is the same as George Soros’, who funds the Evangelical Immigration Table that Moore’s ERLC operates. Moore’s solution is amnesty for illegal aliens, open borders, and a dismantling of American sovereignty.

Moore, castigating the Trump Administration (he never criticized Obama’s handling of illegal alien detainees), overlooks the complicated nature of dealing with a humanitarian crisis fueled by – in part – the Soros-funded caravan. It is incredibly difficult to mobilize national resources to care for more than 76 thousand illegal aliens caught breaking into the country every month.

Falwell responded…

Falwell’s point is that Moore has always been an entrenched bureaucrat who’s wholly unqualified to speak on policy matters. This is true. First, Moore served as a Democratic staffer on the public payroll, and now Moore serves the Southern Baptist deep state as a bureaucrat who lives off of tithe dollars given to the Cooperative Program.

Moore, stuck in his ivory tower of the Evangelical Intelligentsia, doesn’t understand the harsh realities of the American border crisis. The extent of the help which Moore has given to immigrants has been by posting on Twitter and mobilizing woke Social Justice Warriors to whine about an American immigration policy that is saving their tail-end from an invasion of unvetted, diseased, and criminal people selfishly circumventing our border crossings in full knowledge they’re breaking the law.

Since Falwell’s tweet to Moore, Moore has been defended (very predictably) in the left-wing news site, The Huffington Post. Moore and the HuffPo make fine bedfellows.

The accusation from Falwell towards Moore is thought-provoking. Who are these men lecturing us about immigration policy from The Gospel Coalition, the ERLC, and the woke evangelical establishment? What are their qualifications? Being a smarmy career ladder-climbing denominational sycophant with a Napoleon Complex may not uniquely qualify you to chastise American border policy.

Falwell’s tweet to Moore was epic. Now, if we can just get Falwell to fire Karen Swallow Prior