SBC Joins Animal Rights Activism

The SBC’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission will be revealing the Evangelical Statement on Responsible Care for Animals in conjunction with the Ethics and Public Policy Center and Clapham Group. The statement, which the ERLC calls a “unifying document,” will be joined with the Every Living Thing Campaign.

The statement can be found already at the Every Living Thing Campaign website. It’s here, perhaps, we see the animal rights and social progressive influence of the ERLC in their hire of evangelical feminist, Karen Swallow Prior as a research fellow. On the Every Living Thing Campaign (ELTC) website we see a quotation from Prior’s chief muse, animal rights activist, Hannah More. Prior, as we reported, is a member and local director of radical animal rights organization, the Humane Society. Prior’s misplaced affection for animals has led her to ponder and even suggest that her pets might just go to Heaven with you. Her argument is that maybe, because you name the animal, the animal gets a pass to Heaven with you. Of course, that makes us feel really bad for dairy cows belonging to lost people, who have an eternity of mooing in hell to look forward to.

For a good explanation of why the Humane Society is indeed a radical animal rights organization, and not the friendly volunteers trying to save pets from malnourishment (they don’t save animals or run shelters – they push PETA-like “animal protection” laws that advance a social progressive agenda), check out Humane Watch.

Oh, and by the way…who does the Clapham Group  (above) work with in their pursuit of their stated goal of “confronting injustice”? Yeah. That’s right…the Humane Society (source link – read the small print).

The ELTC  website features resources from not only evangelical feminist Karen Swallow Prior in a series of videos at Patheos regarding “animal welfare,” but also the “Eating Mercifully” video from…you guessed it – The Human Society. Eating Mercifully mercilessly attacks the farming industry as a whole, and it is doubtful that few agricultural Southern Baptists would appreciate such material being promoted by their denominational entity.

Other articles promoted by the ELTC website include articles by Karen Swallow Prior advocating for a reduction in meat consumption (you cattle ranchers, pork producers and chicken farmers appreciate that, yes?), an article calling animals “our brothers,”  and one article suggesting that elephants have souls.

Take a look around at the socially progressive, animal welfare cesspool in which the SBC is now wading through its progressive leadership, Russell Moore, influenced by Karen Swallow Prior. It really is breathtaking to see how quickly the SBC is running toward mainstream denominational liberalism.


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