The Man Who Wanted to Deny VP Mike Pence from Speaking at SBC to Be Nominated as VP of the SBC

It was an honor for Southern Baptists to have Mike Pence speak at the 2018 Southern Baptist Convention. Pence is an evangelical believer whose personal testimony supports his profession of faith. He has been a faithful husband and father, spent his many years of public service defending traditional marriage and the unborn, and has personified Christian virtues.

However, as Mike Pence took the stage at the annual meeting of the SBC, the more extreme contingent of the newly budding Social Justice movement grumbled in complaint. They argued that Pence’s presence would alienate black and Democratic voters from the denomination, which was bending over backwards to accommodate basically anyone willing to fill the quickly evacuating ranks of the fledgling denomination. Some eye-witnesses testify to ERLC officials, 9Marx booth vendors, and woke seminary personnel turning their back to the Vice President.

They all should have been rebuked with Romans 13 and 1 Peter 2, and asked to politely leave the facility until they could honor our leader respectfully.

One man, in particular, spoke out against Vice President Pence speaking at the SBC on the grounds that it would alienate minority voices (apparently minority voices ubiquitously vote Democrat, even the Christian ones). That man was Marshall Ausberry, the President of the National African American Fellowship of the Southern Baptist Convention (if you’re wondering, there’s no Caucasian Fellowship of the Southern Baptist Convention because that would be inappropriate, obviously).

Ausberry took to the floor in defiance of Mike Pence and his many years of godly political leadership and made a motion to exclude politicians from the annual meeting, claiming that “SBC members are not politically monolithic.”

Ausberry claimed in a little-read SBC blog, “In our SBC churches we have people that ride elephants; some ride donkeys; some ride both and some ride neither; some are fiercely independent, and some even sip tea.”

In other words, Mike Pence or other godly politicians should not be invited to speak at SBC meetings in order to accommodate, well…let’s be honest…Democrats. And yet, Ausberry is not on record complaining about Russell Moore inviting Hillary Clinton to speak at a Southern Baptist event in 2015.

He continued:

In addition, I don’t know if a President Bill Clinton would have been allowed to speak; I don’t know if a President Barack Obama would have been allowed to speak; and I don’t know if a President Hilary Clinton would have been allowed to speak at an SBC annual meeting. The Bible will challenge us enough, we can avoid creating an environment that divides us politically and unnecessarily!

Well, again, Hillary was invited to speak by Russell Moore. But no, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama should not be invited to speak at Southern Baptist Convention events because they are godless and are enemies of the SBC. Mike Pence is godly and is a friend of the SBC. Why is grasping this so complicated?

The SBC annual meeting is in Birmingham, and with the Social Justice Warrior contingent having taken over almost every SBC institution, and given the location and occasion, Ausberry’s election as 1st VP of the SBC will be seen as another virtue successfully signaled by the woke denomination. Little will it matter that the SBC has already elected an African American president, the largely unimpressive Fred Luter, or an African American president of the pastor’s conference, H.B. Charles (who ended up stacking the conference with minority faces, including the Pelagian and Open Theist heretic, Tony Evans).

The SBC will again use the opportunity of their public gathering to demonstrate their repentance over racism by electing someone for little reason besides the color of their skin.

However, far from being apolitical, Ausberry is a political leftist. His LinkedIn page shows that he recently ‘liked’ a post from Rev. Jesse Jackson who said it was an honor to be a part of the Rainbow PUSH Wall Street Project, which also includes Rev. Al Sharpton.

The post from Jesse Jackson, promoted by Marshal Ausberry.

Listen, snowflakes. We know you want the SBC to be darker-skinned, because it’s an untapped demographic that can help save your dying denomination. But do you really want it to be Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton-level radical? Do you want it to be leftist, too?

For those conservatives still in the SBC, it’s time to leave. Seriously.

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