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Village Church Promotes Abortionist Sympathizing, Feminist, Animal Right Activist,

Karen Swallow Prior is known to sympathize with abortionists, defending them in the pages of Christianity Today from the accusations of murder, said abortion is not murder and that calling abortion murder is “unchristlike” (link).*
Karen Swallow Prior said that violence towards animals solicits from her a more emotionally visceral response than abortion (link).
Karen Swallow Prior has called for the end of factory farming, “even if the economy of our country be damned” (link).
Karen Swallow Prior has said that we must end industrialized ranching methods even if it causes human suffering (link).
Karen Swallow Prior doesn’t believe in medical testing potentially life-saving drugs for humans on lab rats (link).
Karen Swallow Prior thinks that pets go to Heaven because when you name them you give them personhood (link).
Karen Swallow Prior, according to Animal Rights organizations, was chosen in 2007 to infiltrate churches and influence them with animal rights activism (link).
Karen Swallow Prior is a self-described “feminist,” who rejects the Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood, and rejects complementarianism (link).
Why then, is the Village Church promoting such a radical leftist, ecumenist, feminist, and animal rights activist on their website? While it’s true that Prior has largely been bolstered by promotion from Russell Moore at the growingly progressive Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, one still must wonder what about Prior is worth promoting at Village Church.
Matt Chandler, Senior Pastor of the Village Church, seems to be growingly undiscerning. Recently he mentioned that Ann Voskamp – who wrote a deeply theoerotic book about making love to God – was one of his favorite writers (link). Chandler, along with many other so-called “New Calvinists” seem to be also growingly centered on social justice issues, which might perhaps explain why Village Church sees animal rights to be a worthy topic for their website.

In the video, the feminist professor argues that “something significant” happens when Adam named the animals, and so our relationship with animals reflects our relationship with God.
Of course, God didn’t make us for the purpose of wearing and eating us, which is exactly why animals exist.
Nonetheless, Prior asserts that because of the naming process in the garden, there is a “special kinship” between people and animals, of course diminishing the reality of humans being the Imago Dei (remember, Prior has elsewhere argued that giving your pets names also gives them “personhood”).
We, of course, are not God’s pets. The comparison between God’s relationship to man and man’s relationship to animals demonstrates a monumental level of theological incompetence, at best. God’s relationship to man is that of creator, redeemer, and sustainer–none of which we are to animals. The comparison minimizes these glorious attributes of God while elevating the importance of man’s role as stewards of animals to that of an unbiblical stature.
The bigger issue, however, is the fact that supposedly competent theologians, like Matt Chandler, Russell Moore, et al., continue to promote the ideology of this woman. Why do they continue to allow her to perpetuate her leftist agenda which stems from a deficient and sub-biblical epistemology and worldview? Are they so incompetent that they really just don’t see it? Or are they actually in full agreement with it?
*Karen Swallow Prior often claims to be a pro-life activist who claims to have been arrested five times for her activism, an in-depth background check has revealed no such arrests.
**CORRECTION: Regarding the above post-script, friends of Prior have sent to us two newspaper articles regarding an arrest (here and here) and another friend says he was present at an arrest. I personally called Prior on December 2, 2015, to request she answer a question about her arrests, and she did not return my call. I then sent the question through a mutual friend, Greg Smith, on the same date, who also explained why I was calling and trying to verify her arrests, and we received no response. While Ms. Prior doesn’t think abortion is murder and calling it such is unchristlike, it appears that she was arrested several times for her early work regarding abortion.