Jonathan Merritt Comes Out of Closet to Support ‘Drag Queen’ Story Time

Cross-dressers, “drag-queens” and sodomites are doing their best to corrupt our children. The latest in a series of child abuse at the hands of the LGBT lobby are “drag queen story times” done at libraries across the country, in which the mentally-ill and sexually perverted dress up to read story books to little kids. A prominent evangelical journalist, Jonathan Merritt, recently went on the news to advocate for drag queen story times. Merritt is the son of a Southern Baptist President and is a close friend (and promoted regularly) by Ed Stetzer, Russell Moore, Beth Moore, and The Gospel Coalition. They all act like he’s not gay.

We published an article recently, entitled, Can Evangelicals Stop Acting Like Jonathan Merritt isn’t Totally Gay? We pointed out in that post that Merritt regularly flaunts his homosexuality, even though he hasn’t overtly confessed it. Merritt was outed by another journalist several years ago, who wrote that after a night making out, his “face hurt” from Merritt’s stubble. Since then, evangelicals have overlooked Merritt’s queerness and pretended as though he wasn’t a false Christian and an LGBT wolf in sheep’s clothing. We’ve made a point of this for years, like in the post, Jonathan Merritt and Three Dollar Bills. Heck, we even have a running poll in our Facebook Group about how long it will take for Merritt to *officially* come out of the closet.

The fact is, Merritt is a very important ally for leftists taking over the SBC and Reformed Evangelicalism, and they aren’t willing to recognize his gayness. But, it’s getting harder and harder to deny.

Merritt appeared on Fox News with Laura Ingram to defend drag queen story time. Watch below at the 27.50 mark.

Ingram said that Merritt, “supports these events.” Asking Merritt why the events have grown from San Francisco to small towns, Merritt said:

To me, where it began is irrelevant. The question is what’s happening in these events now…They’re upset about it…because they’re disgusted by certain people in society, by the LGBT community, by drag queens – who by the way are not always a part of the LGBT community, and they feel their children will be contaminated if they come into contact with these people. That’s not a mainstream view. I think a lot of conservatives wouldn’t even agree with that view.

Ingram pushed back on him, and Merritt replied these are harmless events and these drag queens are “only wanting to give back to the community…they want to pour into the children.”