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Can Evangelicals Stop Acting Like Jonathan Merritt Isn’t Totally Gay?

News Division

Naivety is not a virtue, and evangelicals need to stop pretending that Jonathan Merritt isn’t a homosexual.

He’s gay, people. He’s made out with dudes (that one kinda settles it). He’s a defender of the LGBT and regularly mocks the Biblical position on sexual ethics.

He’s as gay as the sugar plumb fairies at Tim Keller’s church. He’s as gay as Karen Swallow Prior’s BFFs. He’s as gay Liberace’s bedazzled bowtie. He’s as gay as Episcopalians at a pride event. He’s as gay as those weird penguins at the Central Park Zoo. He’s as gay as a rainbow-colored unicorn furry at a transexual drag show.

I am sick and tired of the Evangelical Intelligentsia acting as though Jonathan Merritt isn’t a flaming homosexual. Why do I have to be the one to say this? We’re all thinking it. Heck, we all know it.

After all, speaking about his gay tryst with Merritt, his homosexual counterpart says, “By the end of the night my lips were raw and chapped from his unshaven face.”

And all God’s people said…gross. But why won’t we say…gay?

I saw this tweet from him a few weeks ago. Owen Strachan, a Senior Fellow at the Council for Biblical Manhood and Womanhood (which Merritt clearly opposes), was lamenting an all-male ‘cuddling group’ which just happened to be written about at Pulpit & Pen. Merritt responded…

He’s referring to ‘spooning.’

Coming from a gay guy, this ought to be seen as sexual harassment. I mean, #churchtoo, man.

Then, there was the story about PBS (which is tax-payer funded, by the way) making a character in a beloved children’s cartoon a sodomite. It was just one of many attempts to normalize men anally sodomizing each other and pressed up children in the form of shameless propaganda. Christians were (rightly) annoyed by this, and it was written about in places like over at Reformation Charlotte.

Merritt used it as an opportunity to make fun of the Christian perspective and defend the sodomization of cartoon creatures.

Some took exception, like conservative Christian writer, Matt Barber, who used the opportunity to try to evangelize Merritt (who clearly needs it). Merritt responded like a typical worldling, playfully mocking Barber for his legitimate concern.

So, I’m sitting here watching this conversation and I’m saying, “We all know Merritt’s a homosexual, right? Like…nobody doubts that, do we?”

It sure doesn’t seem that Ed Stetzer, Beth Moore, Karen Swallow Prior, Russell Moore, Tim Keller, or the boys over at The Gospel Coalition grasp that their friend is gay. And in ignoring the big gay elephant in the room, they give him the spotlight and a platform to steer evangelical media.

Am I the only one who had a gay friend in high school, who everybody knew was gay, who they knew they were gay, but everybody just kind of agreed not to mention it? When I was in high school, that was Brian Fisher (bless his heart). For evangelicalism, that gay friend is Jonathan Merritt.

We know he’s gay. He knows he’s gay. Guys he’s made out with know he’s gay. Pretty much everybody knows he’s gay, but we don’t call him out on it because…I don’t know. Decorum? Politeness?

Why is a homosexual the premier Christian “journalist” for the Evangelical Intelligntsia? Why is he the go-to guy in Christian media? I suspect the only reason he still has a pinky-toe in the closet is because his niche is Christian journalism.

Nonetheless, I call a spade a spade, and Merritt is one big, effeminate, gay spade.

I can see nothing in Scripture that demands that I can’t look at some guy who makes out with other guys who looks like a gay duck, talks like a gay duck, and walks like a gay duck and call him a gay duck.

Jonathan Merritt is a gay duck.

Mark my words…one of these days, when it’s safe to lift his last remaining digit out of the closet (whether because the culture-shift has finally arrived or because he moves to a secular news market), Jonathan Merritt will come out of the closet. But by then, he will have helped lead astray evangelicals on the subject of sexuality through years of subversive propaganda done by his influence.

Smoke him out. He is not one of us. Mark him. Avoid him. I would say the same thing about Merritt’s Chritianity as I’d say about a three dollar bill…it is queer, it is counterfeit, and it needs to be handed over.