Et Tu, Alistair? Alistair Begg to Preach with Beth Moore

We love Alistair Begg, and we have heretofore never said a cross or corrective word to or about him. Begg is a fine preacher. He’s also making one heck of a mistake.

Begg will be speaking alongside Tony Evans (who is an inclusivist, a Pelagian, and an Open Theist) and just as concernedly, Beth Moore. For a list of reasons why Beth Moore is one of the worst teachers in Christendom, click here.

The event will be the National Preach Conference, held by Truett Theology Seminary (a part of Baylor University).

When trying to think of a trait shared in common between Alistair Begg and Beth Moore, one is hard-pressed to find a similarity other than that they are both sentient human beings. The commonalities seem to stop right about there.

Why is Begg preaching with heretics like Evans and horrible lady preachers like Beth Moore? What is the reason for it? How does he excuse it?

There’s nothing to do here except lament the decision of our fine brother, Alistair Begg, and pray he changes his mind. It saddens us.

[Publisher’s Note: Thoughts regarding the usefulness of conferences are carried on in another article here]

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