Kyle J. Howard: The GOP is the Party of “White Supremacy”

Former Southern Seminary student and “racial trauma counselor,” Kyle J. Howard – a friend and advocate of such figures as Russell Moore and Beth Moore – claims that while the Democratic Party may be the party of abortion, the Republican party is the party of White Supremacy.

Born to two attorney parents in a high-income household and raised in an affluent suburb, Kyle J. Howard claims (without any evidence) to have been a secret member of a street gang, a former rapper (although his speech impediment – which he calls a “trans-racial accent” – prevents him from pronouncing the word rap), and an oppressed member of a permanent victim class. In reality, Kyle J. Howard is genetically as much white as he is black, but it doesn’t prevent him from spitting out the silver spoon with which he was born and pretending to be a member of a marginalized victim group.

Recently on Twitter, Howard dismissed the concerns of Republicans over the New York law allowing abortion up to the time of birth and several other Democratic bills in various states that would do the same. Instead, he chose to make the claim (in an apparent moral equivalency) that the GOP is the party of White Supremacy.

First, if forced to choose between “poisons,” it is not a difficult ethical question as to which is the greater evil. Discrimination or personal biases are not listed among the six things – yea even seven – that the Lord hates. However, the shedding of innocent blood makes God’s list of abominations.

There is zero doubt, in the realm of Christian ethics, that murder is a significantly more grave offense than racial bias.

However, Howard seems to be overlooking the fact that the abortion industry was invented by those seeking the extermination of the black “race” and still seeks their extermination. Blacks are disproportionately murdered by their mothers thanks to Planned Parenthood’s strategic placement of abortuaries in predominately minority neighborhoods, the type of neighborhoods unlike the one in which Howard was raised.

Regarding the Democrat Party’s infatuation with abortion, consider the following baby-killing laws either passed already or proposed just this legislative term by DNC legislators:

NEW YORK: Killing babies up until birth, signed into law by Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

RHODE ISLAND: A bill to reinforce the right to abortion in case Roe is reversed, has been reintroduced in the 2019 session. Sen. Gayle Goldin, says chances are better this year because the midterms increased the number of Democrats in the legislature.

MARYLAND: Democratic House Speaker Michael Busch is promoting legislation to reassure abortion “rights” in case protections are overturned or weakened by the Supreme Court or federal government.

MAINE: Democratic governor, Janet Mills will likely sign a recently introduced bill that would require Maine to fund some abortions that are not covered under Medicaid. Democrats control both chambers of the legislature.

NEW MEXICO: Democratic legislators — who control both chambers — are backing a bill that would remove New Mexico’s criminal ban on abortion. A 1969 statute made it a felony for an abortion provider to terminate a pregnancy, with exceptions for rape, birth defects and serious threats to a woman’s health — though the law has been unenforceable since the Roe decision.

Newly inaugurated Democratic Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham — who succeeded Republican Susana Martinez — favors overturning the dormant abortion ban.

This is just a partial list (provided from source, here).

The Democratic party will not be happy until the greatest victim class in America – pre-born children – are wholesale eliminated as a sub-human undesirable basket of unborn deplorables.

In the meantime, this is a list of all the laws proposed by Republicans that support White Supremacy.

Is there a law proposed anywhere in the United States that even tangentially reinforces the supposed supremacy of the white race? Where is the list of laws that seek to diminish the Constitutional rights of minority groups?

Remember that Kyle J. Howard ate with Russell Moore at the head table of the MLK50 event. Remember that he is continually lauded and affirmed by Beth Moore. Remember that leaders at SBTS – like Albert Mohler – produced this kind of tragic cartoon, or at the very least, have been quiet in the face of his race-baiting activism.

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