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Pope Attends “World Government Summit,” Calls for Full Government Control of Economy

Most Americans don’t know that a “World Government Summit” event exists but rest assured that globalists across the world do know that it exists and its purpose is to dismantle the Nation State. After signing a document calling for complete interfaith unity last week, the Pope then addressed the ongoing World Government Summit in Dubai and called for First World countries to stop pursuing economic superiority.

Vatican News posted the Pope’s remarks in the video below…

The Pope told the World Government Summit, “I am thinking of you and your commitment in these days, as you face fundamental issues including political challenges, economic development, protection of the environment and the use of technology.

He went on to say, “We cannot really speak of sustainable development without solidarity.”

As Michael Synder reports:

The phrase “sustainable development” has become a shorthand way of referring to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.  It is a 17 point plan, and if you read the entire thing you quickly realize that it encompasses just about every realm of human activity that you can possibly imagine.

It is not just a plan to fight climate change.  It is actually a comprehensive blueprint for global governance, and it envisions a much larger role for global institutions such as the UN in the years ahead.