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Flasback: Gospel Coalition Claims #BlackLivesMatter is New Civil Rights Movement

Five cops lay dead in Dallas. More were wounded. Officers were targeted from an overwatch sniper position by a Black Lives Matter (BLM) protestor who wanted to kill white cops. BLM supporters cheered in applause, tweeting things like “Laying pigs in a blanket!” and “Dallas keep smokin dem pigs keep up the work” and “dude hell yeah somebody is shooting pigs in Dallas – solidarity.”
Meanwhile, the rap artist “who happens to be a Christian,” Lecrae, just yesterday railed against the hashtag trend #AllLivesMatter, explicitly denouncing “Christians who say preaching the Gospel is all we need.” And while blood still stains Dallas streets, Lecrae’s words denouncing the assertion that all lives matter ring out in hollow, racist hatred.
Lecrae was not the only evangelical to support the racist, violent, pro-LGBT and expressly anti-Christian organization. Ron Burns, who chose for himself the black nationalist name Thabiti Anyabwile, has also championed Black Lives Matter again and again. Russell Moore’s animal liberation and feminist muse, Karen Swallow Prior, has had accolades as well. Russell Moore, as with all things relating to race, is a laissez faire moralist, and is ethically ambiguous in a fever pitch of political correctness. Even Dr. Mohler, who certainly has not endorsed the organization, danced around criticism when asked for his opinion by reporters, instead choosing to opine about “common ground.” John Piper has promoted Black Lives Matter. But perhaps the most telling evangelical dalliance with Black Lives Matter has been the repeated support by the The Social Gospel Coalition.
Less than just a few weeks ago, The Social Gospel Coalition chose to ask the question in a post by that title, Is Black Lives Matters the Next Civil Right Movement (and the answer, according to them, was yes). The article was a transcribed “talk” from Mika Edmondson from back in May, as delivered to council members of TSGC (Albert Mohler wrote glowing praise for this “talk” of Edmondson here). The article asserts “race-based systematized injustice” and that asking if BLM is a the next civil rights movement is a “well-formed question.” The post demanded that white suburban men cry with black inner city wives who are afraid their husband will be “the next Eric Garner” or son will become “the next Trayvon Martin” (who apparently were innocent little snowflakes randomly killed by white supremacists). The article repeated BLM, slanted, race-baited talking points line after line. The article propagated the grass-roots origin myth of the movement and put founder, Alicia Garza in the best possible (and morally neutral, of course) light. It was nothing short of propaganda refusing to acknowledge this racist, LGBTQ advocacy and anti-police organization as anything but morally neutral and perhaps even admirable. Evangelicals ate it up.
I wonder if Ron Burns will tweet #IStandWithBlackLivesMatter today, like he did a few months ago. I wonder if Lecrae would denounce #AllLivesMatter today. I wonder if evangelical leaders will figure out that coddling cultural assassins, societal hooligans and unabashed racists doesn’t lead to racial reconciliation. And political correctness sure doesn’t help the situation.
Is Black Lives Matter the next civil rights movement?
Ask the citizens of Dallas how their rights were respected last night.