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The Gospel Coalition’s Thabiti Anyabwile Lauds Foul-Mouthed Gun-Grabber

Albert Mohler recently said at the Shepherd’s Conference Q&A that those people he ‘platforms’ speaks for his position on Social Justice. That’s a fair assessment, and we agree completely. Albert Mohler platforms, through Southern Seminary, The Gospel Coalition (he is a council member) and his social media the most radical leftists in evangelicalism. Most recently, his friend and ally, Thabiti Anyabwile, lauded a foul-mouthed gun grabbing politician in his social media.

It was not an Alaska (AK) state senator that Anyabwile was commending, but an Arkansas (AR) state senator, Stephanie Flowers. Flowers is well-known for making unfounded accusations against law enforcement. In the clip below, Flowers drops unmitigated profanity in opposition to Stand Your Ground laws, which allow Citizens to protect themselves against violence. Flowers is an advocate for complete gun control and opposes both concealed and open carry in the video. The legislation she opposes in this clip is Senate Bill 484, which would change the law to no longer require Citizens to retreat before defending themselves (the duty to retreat puts victims at a tactical disadvantage in a confrontation and increases the likelihood of their personal harm).

The video is below, but we need to issue an explicit language warning.

Flowers was repeatedly called out-of-order by the committee chair. She claimed that she feared for her sons life (ostensibly because of racist police or citizenry in her community of Pine Bluff, Arkansas).

Pine Bluff, where Flowers lives and where she alleges her son is in danger for his life due to racism, is 76.63% African American.

Anyabwile used his platform at The Gospel Coalition to endorse Hillary Clinton as President, after having first endorsed Bernie Sanders.