Russell Moore to Speak at Conference Promoting Wealth Redistribution

The “Courageous Conversations Conference” will be held by the World Tabernacle Church in Rocky Mount, North Carolina, this weekend. Speaking along with Moore will be “civil rights leader,” John Perkins of the Perkins Foundation and Noel Castellanos of the Christian Community Development Association.

The Christian Community Development Association (CCDA) is – according to its website – committed to the “3 R’s” of the previously mentioned John Perkins, “Relocation, Reconciliation and Redistribution.” The “redistribution” that forms its commitment – you guessed it – wealth redistribution. And, clicking the hyperlinks above will allow you to quickly research the organizations and see that they are radical, Marxist (Cultural and Economic) organizations.

As the Tennessee Star reports, “The focus of the one-day conference is on race, but an emphasis on economic redistribution is interwoven with the activists’ teachings.” As published in the liberal “Christian” publication, Sojourners, Perkins first called for wealth redistribution as a means for Christian racial reconciliation in an article from 1976 (source link – but you will have to pay for the full article).

John Perkins writes…

The final result is [of our plan] is redistribution. If the blood of injustice is economics, we must as Christians seek justice by coming up with means of redistributing goods and wealth to those in need….It’s at the point of redistribution that I begin to see a possibility for structural change to take place. What we need is a change, created by Jesus Christ, in our institutional behavior equal to the change that can occur in the life of an individual. And as we commit ourselves to just redistribution in terms of creating a new economics in broken communities, we can see how Jesus, through us, offers himself. The body of Christ becomes the corporate model through which we can live out creative alternatives that can break the cycles of wealth and poverty that oppress people. When this happens, the quiet revolution is winning the battle for the community.

An Urban Church Planting network highlights the goal of the CCDA:

[Wayne] Gordon [the first president of the CCDA] and Perkins explain, “Redistribution means sharing talents and resources with the poor, but it also means observable changes in public policy and voting habits. Public policy would need to be accompanied by a Christ-shaped willingness to offer one’s skills and knowledge as gifts to others.” Gordon and Perkins go on to assert that the heart for justice is best expressed through redistribution (source link).

The CCDA is regularly promoted by liberal professed Christians like Tony Compolo.

One of these days, Southern Baptists will wake up and realize that they’re giving 4 million dollars a year to a former Democratic staffer to promote leftist identity politics and cultural Marxism throughout the country. May God help us all.

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