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TGC Doesn’t Want You to Vote for Trump. WE GET IT.

News Division

The Gospel Coalition doesn’t want you to vote for President Trump in 2020. We get it.

The political organization, masquerading as a religious 501(c)3, couldn’t be clearer that their main goal is to change the voting patterns of evangelicals. Their blog, conferences, and speakers come from a variety of backgrounds, but all have a singular goal and singular slant to whatever material they produce; they all lean politically leftward.

The Gospel Coalition and its sister organization, the ERLC of the Southern Baptist Convention (they share the same board members and contributors), spent nearly half a decade telling conservative evangelicals not to politicize their Gospel preaching. For the last several years, they’ve been inundating evangelicals with leftist talking points like immigration, while going virtually silent on topics like abortion and gay marriage. Now, these organizations – largely funded by dark money from James Riady, George Soros, and the Kern Foundation – are telling evangelicals to be political again.

Largely, these Riady-Soros-Kern funded organizations have embarked on this simple three-stage plan.

  1. Convince politically conservative evangelicals to divorce their faith from their politics, and to give up politics for pure Gospel preaching.
  2. Instill liberal and progressive ideas about Critical Race Theory, Identity Politics, illegal immigration and globalism into evangelical thought. In short, make Social Justice popular in evangelicalism.
  3. Once evangelicals have disengaged from the Republican Party, and once inundated with liberal ideas, convince them get back into politics, and to either vote Democratic or – if that fails – get them not to vote at all (which is just as good).

Do you remember when Russell Moore took the reigns of the ERLC from Richard Land and promised to have a less-political tenure at the organization? Land, a consistent Republican, was seen as too-involved in the political process. Moore would save the ERLC, so we were told, by separating Southern Baptists from politics.

However, within a few years, Moore had established the most political ERLC in Southern Baptist history. Virtually all of his “research fellows” were working for the Rubio campaign, doing everything possible to scuttle the candidacy of Donald Trump. Moore daily pestered Trump in social media, leading to the then-future president of the United States to call Moore “a nasty guy with no heart.” Although Moore would go on to invite Hillary Clinton to speak at a Southern Baptist event, it was Russell Moore’s toadies that turned their backs on Mike Pence when he spoke at the 2018 Southern Baptist Convention. Then, Moore started to work for George Soros, taking the helm of his Evangelical Immigration Table, and even started tweeting out links to Soros’ websites.

All of this leftward political trajectory came after years of being told that we should divorce Christianity from politics by The Gospel Coalition. But in 2016, we saw TGC endorse Hillary Clinton on their website and repeatedly cast aspersions at Donald Trump. Again, this is from the organization that brainwashed evangelicals to give up politics.

Again, their three steps (to simply):

  1. Convince evangelicals that politics don’t matter, knowing they’ll leave the GOP.
  2. Instill principles of Social Justice in evangelical institutions.
  3. Convince evangelicals to that politics matter after all, knowing their newfound ‘wokeness’ will take them to the DNC or unviable third parties.
Joe Carter, who works for both TGC and the ERLC

Joe Carter, the editor of The Gospel Coalition (and board member at the ELRC) who we have written about many times, wrote a piece for TGC entitled, “God Hates When Christian Politicians Lie. We Should Too.”

Carter, who stole an argument from Southern Poverty Law Center to claim that the term “Cultural Marxist” is racist, is one of the chief protagonists to the Social Justice movement driving evangelicals away from both the Bible and the Republican Party.

Carter’s blog piece wasn’t altogether inaccurate. God does indeed hate lies. God also hates hypocrisy. And, God cares about how we vote.

But as many commenters on the TGC Facebook page immediately recognized, Carter’s propaganda piece was clearly a shot at President Trump, no matter how passively aggressive it was or how much plausible deniability its vagueness would allow. The smug and subversive Democrat change-agents at TGC could just shrug condescendingly and say with all the coyness of the Cheshire Cat, “If the shoe fits...”

And yet, in the comments section, Joe Carter was busy defending his work and saying something in the thread he wasn’t so bold to say in the article itself…don’t vote for Donald Trump. To do so, Carter argues, would be “unethical.”

Of course, if a politician would present themselves as someone who isn’t a shameful liar, we might all give them a second glance. One wonders what Democratic presidential hopeful Joe Carter thinks that to be.

Granted, Trump lies a lot. And, outside of a few Biblical examples otherwise (which may mean it’s sometimes a touchy and thin ethical line), lying is a sin. Any attempt to deny the obviousness of Trump’s personal moral depravity makes us fall into their trap and exposes grotesque double-standards on our part.

However, conservative evangelicals support Donald Trump not because he’s the paragon of personal virtue, but because – unlike his Democratic contenders – he doesn’t want to rip babies from the womb, demolish national sovereignty (which is how our civil liberties are assured), kowtow to the LGBTQ lobby, stand idly by while Islamo-fascists annihilate Israel, or take away our God-given right to self-defense.

Conservative evangelicals operate not in the world of a Neo-Marxist utopia or within post-millennial pipe dreams. We live in the real world and see the American political spectrum as creating a binary choice. We can have a morally depraved person as our president who more times than not promotes policies that aren’t repugnant to God or we can have a morally depraved person as our president whose entire platform is fundamentally repugnant to God.

To thinking evangelicals, it’s not complicated. We can either vote for Donald Trump in 2020 or we can elect a baby-murdering, homo-catering, religion-persecuting, Israel-hating, gun-stealing Democrat. Cry about ethics all you want; those are your choices.

Sadly, it’s the self-pronounced experts in Christian “ethics” who act as though this is somehow a complicated ethical decision. We should vote for liars whose policies don’t kill babies over liars whose policies do.

Joe Carter writes in such a way that he can say he wasn’t talking about Trump, but that’s what subversive ideologues do. They’re like nailing jello to the wall, which is a side effect of having no vertebrae. Carter and his colleagues are slipperly little fellows who need to convince the typical evangelical plebe who still reads TGC that their agenda has something to do with the Gospel.

But TGC doesn’t have anything to do with the Gospel, which is increasingly absent from their articles except as a passing mention. The Gospel Coalition serves the purpose – and is paid by dark money – to keep evangelicals from leaving a check mark by Trump’s name on November 3, 2020.

While some evangelicals haven’t caught on to what The Gospel Coalition is doing, we have. It’s just a cog in the wheel of the Democratic machine desiring to chip away at the conservative values of evangelicalism to get us to stay home on election day. Don’t fall for it.