Jackie Hill Perry Meets With Lesbian, Agrees the Church Hurts “Queer Community”

Jackie Hill Perry

Jackie Hill Perry is the militant progressive community organizer and still-butch but former lesbian who has – thanks mostly to Russell Moore, the ERLC, and the Evangelical Intelligentsia – earned top speaking gigs among the New Calvinist lecture circuit, and will even appear alongside John MacArthur at an upcoming conference. Perry preaches to women and men alike, and is well known as a “spoken word artist” for performances that revel in her past sin like, My Life As a Stud. Perry is an advocate of social justice, Critical Race Theory, Intersectionality Identity Poliitcs and Cultural Marxism. However, as a black and (formerly) gay woman, Perry fits the niche of novelty among the ‘woke’ evangelicals.

Perry is one of a number of “ex-gay Christians” who have turned their gross sin into celebrity and capitalized on their former lives, and who have been found to be useful among progressive Christians who have “de-sinnedSame Sex Attaction. Sam Allberry, a gay Anglican priest, is another darling of New Calvinists who have adopted a more-inclusive, less-Puritan, limper-wristed Christianity that claims homosexuality is only bad if acted upon. The message of Jackie Hill Perry, Sam Alberry, and most of the new ‘eunuch class of evangelicalism’ is that it’s okay to be gay (so long as sodomy isn’t involved), and you can expect to stay that way.

Perry, the mannish rap artist who will soon perform at a Oneness Pentecostal church, recently met with Grace Selmer Baldridge one-on-one in Atlanta. Baldridge is a self-identified lesbian and “queer Christian” and the daughter of a pro-gay Episcopal bishop. Baldridge came away from the date with Perry convinced that the “ex-gay Christian” is in agreement that the Christian church hurts the “queer community.”

Baldridge alleges in a blog post entitled, I’m Queer, I’m Christian, & Here’s How My Religion Is Failing Me, that the Christian church “at large” hurts homosexuals.

My dad is an Episcopal priest who has been a steadfast supporter of the queer community, even before I came out. I never faced rejection on the basis of religion, and my queer identity was never in conflict with my belief in God. That is, until I got engaged.

After complaining about the “abuse” of conversion therapy, she continues:

Nevertheless, we know that Hillsong Church doesn’t allow gay couples in leadership positions and opposes marriage equality. That hasn’t stopped many high profile celebrities from attending services, but Christians who are silent on the other or oppression against the queer community are complicit. We need to do better.

Of course, the first hyperlink in the above paragraph is a citation of homosexual bff of the Evangelical Intelligentsia, Jonathan Merritt.

For the lesbian, Baldridge, there is a long list of complaints against Christians who believe that the church is “abusing” homosexuals by preaching to them repentance.

And according to Baldridge, Jackie Hill Perry agreed with her during a recent outing.

While I was in Atlanta, I also met up with Jackie Hill-Perry. Her list of titles and accomplishments is long, but among other things she is a Christian author and an “ex-lesbian.” Our lives and our beliefs could not be more different but, despite our fundamental disagreements, we made it a priority to listen to each other. And amongst all our differences, we still found common ground: The acknowledgement that many in the Christian community has caused harm to the queer community.

What is the “harm” caused the “queer community” according to Jackie Hill Perry? What is the great evil the church has done?

Baldridge continued:

It’s with this that I’m hoping the dialogue started in Atlanta will serve as an invitation to create progress. The table is set. I’m pulling up a chair. Will you break bread with me?

Of course, we cannot break bread with homosexuals who claim to be Christians, for that is forbidden us.

But now I am writing to you not to associate with anyone who bears the name of brother if he is guilty of sexual immorality or greed, or is an idolater, reviler, drunkard, or swindler—not even to eat with such a one. – 1 Corinthians 5:11

Jackie Hill Perry has a legion of homosexual fans. It’s an appropriate time to begin asking why.

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