Beth Moore Attacks Biblical Gender Roles at SBC Conference, Crowd Erupts in Applause

Beth Moore, preaching to male Southern Baptist pastors, who applauded wildly as she equated complementarianism with “misogyny” and claimed egalitarians could still hold to inerrancy.

In what will be seen as a watershed moment in the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) – the day that the liberals reclaimed that which they lost in the Conservative Resurgence – the crowd applauded wildly as Beth Moore attacked complementarianism in her sermon at a propagandic virtue-signaling conference hosted by the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC).

Shocking some in the crowd but embraced by most within it, Moore attacked complementarianism – the belief that men and women are equal but hold different roles in the home and church (like preaching, for example) – and attacked those who say egalitarians (those who believe men and women have the same roles in the church) don’t believe in the inerrancy of Scripture.

Southern Baptists, since the time of the Conservative Resurgence when its seminaries and entities kicked out leftists like Beth Moore, Russell Moore, and many who are now prominent SBC employees, the denomination has held strictly to the view of complementarianism. Their argument has traditionally been that egalitarians do deny the inerrancy of Scripture. The reason for that argument is well-deserved; no known denomination that that lets women preach believes in the inerrancy of the Bible.

In one fell swoop, Beth Moore broke the back of complementarianism in the SBC by preaching to Southern Baptist pastors, by invitation of the ERLC’s Russell Moore (the former Democratic staffer and leftist who runs the organization for the SBC), and straight-forwardly attacked complementarianism to thunderous applause.

Over the course of the last year, Moore has repeatedly attacked complementarianism, feeling emboldened in the #ChurchToo movement that, like the #MeToo movement, allowed liberals to capitalize on purported claims of victimhood to own their progressive agenda and silence their opposition.

Moore recently diminished the writings of St. Paul (which forbid women in places of spiritual authority), insinuating that they disagree with or contradict the teachings of Jesus, a common tactic for 30 years among those who deny the Bible’s inerrancy.

Moore has become a favorite of the gay community, after labeling Christians against homosexuality “hyper-fundamentalists” and secretly removing sections from past writing that condemn sodomy. This is after Moore attacked “doctrinal purity,” claiming that the pursuit was not in line with the spirit of Scripture. In subsequent days when pressed upon to condemn homosexuality as a sin, Beth Moore refused.

Moore spent the summer attacking the SBC’s stance on complementarianism, making fun of Southern Baptists and mocking conservatives by flaunting her Sunday morning preaching gigs at SBC churches. This caused SBC leaders like Danny Akin to bristle, who called her ‘stupid’ on hidden audio, but who have all refused to condemn the liberal female preacher publicly. She repeatedly attacked a fellow and former director of the Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood, and positioned herself against the organization, which has been seen as the gold standard of understanding male-female relationship since its inception.

Support for Moore hasn’t waned since SBC leaders floated the idea of making her next SBC president back in the summer of 2018, in spite of the last year of back-tracking on homosexuality, attacking complementarianism, and giving people every reason to believe she personally denies Scriptural inerrancy.

The ERLC is hosting a “virtue signaling conference” capitalizing on the wave of victimhood identity, disguised as a conference to help victims of sexual abuse. Almost entirely abandoning issues like abortion and gay marriage, the ERLC has focused on an applause-garnering agenda on non-controversial issues like victimhood and oppression. Speaking at the Caring Well Conference are perhaps the greatest single accumulation of leftists and liberals in one place since before the Conservative Resurgence began.

Hiding behind the politically correct wall of victims as a barricade against criticism, the Caring Well conference line-up is like a Who’s Who of the most moderate Southern Baptists inside (and outside) the Convention. Other speakers include Rachel Denhollander, whose husband, Jacob, has capitalized gratuitously on her victimhood, standing upon her back as though it were a soapbox, and turning himself into a celebrity in order to promote a feminist, liberal Social Justice agenda. Also included is the (non-practicing) lesbian, Jackie Hill Perry, who endorsed the Word-Faith Movement only a month ago and who claims that the church has “abused” homosexuals by being straightforward with them about their sin.

While the live stream is over and the sermon is not yet up on the ERLC website, Pulpit & Pen received notes from those in attendance at the event.

In what was described as a “full-throttle attack on complementarianism,” Moore asserted to the crowd that the complementarianism did not exclude women in spiritual leadership. Furthermore, Moore claimed that complementarianism – somehow, in an ill-defined way – leads to abuse in the church. And finally, Moore defended egalitarians, claiming that they uphold the inerrancy of Scripture.

Beth Moore called church abuse the “fruit” of complementarianism. Of course, this makes no account for abuse in churches that are egalitarian (and there is just a much, if not more). Watch below.


One man described her sermon this way…

Pulpit & Pen will provide audio of Moore’ sermon as soon as it is available to the public.

Sadly, liberals in the SBC, like Jacob Denhollander, have found that using and further abusing victims to push their political agenda makes them impervious to criticism. Hiding behind victims (both real and imagined) as human shields against criticism, these sinister and subversive teachers further perpetuate abuse by using the topic as a cheap talking-point in a much broader agenda of liberalizing American Christianity.

Every Southern Baptist Church who contributes to the Cooperative Program that funds the ERLC and its agenda to overturn the Conservative Resurgence is complicit in this great guilt and will be held accountable before God for being stained by association with these ongoing abominations.