Defending Bethel Church, Jackie Hill Perry Says Word-Faith Teaching Is Not Heresy

A contributor to The Gospel Coalition, Desiring God, and the ERLC – a butch lady preacher and Same-Sex Attracted ‘spoken word artist’ named Jackie Hill Perry – is only making things worse for herself as she’s trying to defend her endorsement of Bethel Church and Jenn Johnson over the weekend.

From Reformation Charlotte: “Last week, Jackie Hill Perry, a woke feminist, spoken word artist, and Gospel Coalition contributor, announced that she was not “tribalistic” in who she associates within Christendom and that she has no problem fellowshipping with even the worst of the worst charismatics — Bethel Church.

“I’m going to be a bit frank so clutch your pearls or grab your tea, whichever suits you best, ” Hill Perry said,

One thing I want you all to know about me is that I’m not tribalistic when it comes to ministry. You might see me on platforms with Reformed folk one day and with non-Reformed folk the next day. You might see me laughing it up with the Southern Baptist’s one moment and being churchy with some Cogic saints the next. Why? Because I believe that God’s church is big and multi-faceted and it’s made up of people that are complicated and nuanced.

She was then seen in a video with Jenn Johnson, daughter-in-law of Bill Johnson of Bethel Church, fully endorsing her saying “she got all the Holy Spirit.”

Now, Hill Perry is doubling down on her endorsement of the false church and false teachers, saying that she doesn’t see those who teach falsely as false teachers. What?

The following defense was posted on Hill Perry’s Twitter account,

Perry made the following claims:

  1. There is a difference between a false teaching and a false teacher, and one can be guilty of false teaching without being a false teacher (thus, excusing her endorsement of Jenn Johnson).
  2. In order to be a false teacher, one also has to be godless in their outward conduct (substantially untrue, Biblically… consider the Pharisees).
  3. The Word of Faith Movement is not heresy.

And yes, of course, Perry referenced good theologians who have “politics that deny the dignity of people” and “defend racist ideologies.” She’s a Critical Race Theorist and Cultural Marxist, and it always comes down to skin color for bigots and racial divisionists like Perry.

For those who are unfamiliar with the Word-Faith heresy, it was founded by E.W. Kenyon and teaches the notion of “positive confession,” that speaking one’s desires as though they’ve already come to pass will actually cause those things to come to pass.

Most Kenyonists, or Word-Faith theologians, also hold to “Little God Theology,” which teaches that man is just a smaller, weaker version of God, but essentially deified. Word-Faith also ordinarily teaches the Kenotic Gospel, that Christ “emptied himself” of divinity and did miracles by faith rather than by Godhood (which is why they claim you can do the same miracles as Christ).

Kenneth Hagin instituted this stream of thought into Kenyonism, and it has been taught by the most popular Kenyonists, from Kenneth Copeland to Creflo Dollar to Joyce Meyer.

Aside from those three names (Copeland, Dollar, Meyer), popular adherents today include Joel Osteen, Eddie Long, Fred Prince, Brian Houston, Christine Caine, and others.

Please note that Perry ended her apostatizing rant by quoting Albert Mohler, the president of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in her defense. Mohler platforms Perry at The Gospel Coalition, where he serves on the leadership council. Please note that Albert Mohler said that people should not associate with or use Bethel music in May of this year.

But to quote Albert Mohler at the 2019 ShepCon Q&A, “The people I platform speaks for where I stand on these issues.”

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