Homosexuals Rally Around Beth Moore as She Softens Stance on Sodomy

As Beth Moore defends herself for removing anti-gay material from her past writings and obfuscating her position on homosexuality, the LGBTQ lobby is coming out in droves to support Lifeway’s Cash Cow of Bashan.

Beth Moore’s social media is flush with sodomites sending warm regards for her distancing herself from previous views that were negative of homosexuality.

Although Moore tried a handful of times on Twitter to dispel criticism and explain why she deleted anti-homosexuality material from a past book, she eventually had to explain herself in long-form on the Living Proof Ministries blog. However, Moore still refused to explicitly condemn homosexuality as sinful, and instead claimed that she held to a “traditional Biblical sexual ethic” without giving any explanation as to what that is.

Furthermore, as Beth Moore ends her blog piece, she references a list of “lots of sins” that – according to her – are no better or worse than another. This type of sin-leveling is beneath Christian scholarship, but it’s interesting that Moore chose to include Galatians 5:19-21 (which doesn’t include homosexuality) rather than 1 Corinthians 6:9-11 which, as James White pointed out, would have been far more relevant.

Nonetheless, Moore actually clarified nothing about homosexuality, other than that she is susceptible to the emotional pleading of homosexuals. I discussed her blog piece at length here.


While conservative evangelicals are upset by Moore’s equivocations and qualifications on homosexuality, the LGBTQ are loving it, as the screenshot above demonstrates.

This woman credits her LGBTQ-friendly open letter to Beth Moore and the influence over Moore by Rachel Held Evans with her change in position, spiking the homo-football.

Most homosexuals seem convinced Moore is even more proactively pro-gay, and want her to be honest with her position.

Famous LGBTQ activist, Matthew Vines, has been supportive of Beth Moore in recent days.

With so many homosexuals supporting Beth Moore, it might be healthy to ask whose side she’s on.