Beth Moore Pits Apostle Paul Against Jesus in Latest Blunder, Adopts “Red Letter” Heresy

In her latest slide into apostasy, Beth Moore ‘cast shade’ upon the Apostle Paul, who wrote 13 of the New Testament’s 27 books. Claiming that she would rather follow Jesus than Paul, as though the two disagree, the wild-eyed Social Justice princess just ventured down a damnable doctrinal road.

As Beth Moore becomes increasingly liberal in her political views, she seems to be embracing the theology of other liberal “Christians” of the Red Letter Christian Movement who disrespect the Apostle Paul and his writings in favor of a modern, liberalized view of Jesus’ teachings.

This movement was founded by Jim Wallis, Tony Compolo, Brian McLaren, and Shane Claiborne. The doctrinal premise of the Red Letter Christian Movement is that the words of Jesus should be focused upon more heavily than that of the Apostle Paul, and although they are not necessarily more inspired, they are more weighty in their authority.

Emergent Church leader, Scot McKnight, also teaches this disrespect for Paul (all the Red Letter Movement proponents have liberalism as their chief common denominator), as you can see in this 2010 Christianity Today article, Jesus vs Paul.

Moore tweeted out classic Red Letter theology yesterday…

Red Letter Christians are very clear to say that all Scripture is inspired, and yet they pit Jesus against Paul, so as to focus on a few narrow passages from Christ for the sake of advancing the cause of political leftism.

As GotQuestions.Org explains…

Red Letter Christians resent what they see as the religious right’s fixation on abortion and homosexual rights. Since Jesus did not deal with those two issues, they say, we should not make them more urgent than other issues. Instead, Red Letter Christians focus on political policies affecting poverty, global warming, racial discrimination, the role of the military, capital punishment, foreign aid, and public education.

Red Letter Christians believe that moral values should be a major subject of dialogue within American politics but that conservative Christians have embraced the wrong values. Red Letter Christians seek to redefine moral values according to their interpretation of Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount and other “red letter” passages…

All of the aforementioned leaders are pro-gay and feminist, and Beth Moore refuses to any longer answer the question as to whether or not homosexuality is a sin and has been erasing anti-gay passages from past books.

Moore has many ties to Red Letter Christian movement leaders. She speaks regularly for and with Russell Moore of the ERLC, who serves on George Soro’s Evangelical Immigration Table with Jim Wallis, the Red Letter Christian pioneer. Moore remains good friends with pro-gay Jen Hatmaker, who has become a Red Letter Christians and has been discipled by their leaders.

Some critics of Moores’ Red Letter theology claim that it is a newer form of Marcionism, the ancient heresy that pit Jesus against the Old Testament Scriptures.

Before Michael Horton and the White Horse Inn became ‘woke’ proponents of Social Justice, they too warned against this new theology that pits Jesus against Paul.

Beth Moore’s caveat that “all Scripture is inspired and authoritative truth” should not satisfy her critics, for all the aforementioned Red Letter liberals -from Wallis to McLaren – would echo her sentiments. But, they would say, if forced to choose between Jesus and Paul, we should choose Jesus.

Orthodox believers in Jesus recognize that we are never forced to choose between Jesus and Paul.

Paul was God’s chosen instrument to take his message to Gentiles like us (Acts 9:15). The words Paul spoke were literally the Words of God (1 Thessalonians 2:13). The things Paul commanded were literally commanded of God (1 Corinthians 14:37). Paul was given his words directly by Jesus (Galatians 1:12).

Furthermore, we are commanded to follow Paul if we want to follow Christ (1 Corinthians 11:1).

Beth Moore, like her Red Letter compatriots, would like to throw away the Apostle Paul because he provides no wiggle-room on topics like homosexuality. Paul is direct and does not speak in parables. Liberals find his words harder to twist than Jesus’, who spoke in an intentionally veiled fashion (Matthew 10:13-17).

For that reason, Beth Moore and other progressives are pitting Paul against Christ, claiming that both are inspired, but reiterating that if forced to choose between the two (and they are never forced to do so) they will choose Christ. In so doing, they can rough-shod over the Holy Scriptures and inject their teaching with all kinds of liberal ideas and worldly philosophies.

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