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Beth Moore Wickedly Mocks SBC Complementarian Position, Flaunts Her Preaching

For among them are those who creep into households and capture weak women, burdened with sins and led astray by various passions…(2 Timothy 3:6).

Beth Moore started out as a Southern Baptist whose Bible studies were being promoted to women by the SBC-owned LifeWay Christian Resources. Almost from the beginning, discerning Christians noted that her Bible studies seemed shallow and increasingly, Beth Moore was drifting away from teaching and toward preaching. Eventually, Moore would go on to preach to both men and women audiences in clear violation of the Holy Bible. Nonetheless, the Cash Cow of Bashan has been profitable for Southern Baptists, and leaders like Russell Moore and Thom Rainer continue to promote her dangerous influence.

Beth Moore recently mocked Southern Baptists who are supposed to hold (according to the Baptist Faith & Message 2000 and more than a century of precedent) to Complementarian ecclesiology, the idea that men and women are both equal but who have been given different roles within the church. Because of Scriptures like 1 Timothy 2:11 that tell us women should be learning in silence rather than leading an assembly, most Southern Baptists don’t believe women should be preaching to assemblies of both men and women – a position that Beth Moore once held. However, Moore’s doctrinal drift seems evident, and she will not gratuitously violate God’s Word in front of any audience that will have her.

This was a recent exchange in social media:

Vicki Courtney – a woman who Beth Moore has clearly led astray – thanked Moore for her example and put “preaching” in all-caps to emphasize that the Moore is engaging in that which the Scripture forbids. Furthermore, Courtney rubs it in that she’s preaching three services at a Southern Baptist Church.

Vicki Courtney

Courtney claims to have – at least at one time – been “an agonostic and feminist.” Far from repenting of feminism, she is now a preacher, usurping male leadership within the church. However, she’s a big fan of Beth Moore.

The Southern Baptist Church that disregard for the Bible’s teaching on gender roles is Rock Pointe Church in Flower Mound, Texas. Tragically, they are putting her wickedness and rebellion on display for women to emulate on Mother’s Day, which is hardly an appropriate time to be distorting God’s roles for women. The church’s website has 4 women serving as ‘ministers,’ a term typically and traditionally reserved for those who have been ordained to ministry, which is a practice forbidden from women. An online source confirms that Rock Pointe Church is indeed affiliated with the SBC.

Meanwhile, countless women are breaking free of Beth Moore, having discovered that she is a dangerous teacher. For testimonies of women who have stopped following this false teacher, click here.