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Laws Banning Dismemberment Abortions are Major Focus in State Legislatures this Week

Pulpit and Pen reported yesterday that Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb signed a pro-life bill Thursday to ban brutal dismemberment abortions that tear unborn babies limb from limb while their hearts still are beating according to LifeSite News.

Defiant against the personhood of unborn children, the Supreme Court of Kansas affirmed a lower court ruling that the Kansas State Constitution provides protection for abortion on demand which included overturning a 2015 ban on dismemberment abortion. The only remaining means for pro-life activists in Kansas is to amend the state constitution. Kansas has virtually declared that personhood belongs to only those who are born. The cries of murdered unborn children by the blood-soaked hands of pro-abortion women, abortionists, lawmakers, and judges will continue to be heard by God.

Meanwhile, today in Michigan pro-abortion Democrats who serve on the state legislature’s Families, Children, and Seniors committee on were at a loss for words. What could have possibly accomplished such a feat…closing the mouths of pro-death Democrats? The testimony of Dr. Monica Miller.

Dr. Monica Miller, founder of Citizens for a Pro-life Society

Her testimony included graphic and unimaginable descriptions of unborn children murdered by being tore apart, one limb at a time, and her retrieval of baby parts disposed of in trash receptacles behind a city murder-mill.

Dr. Miller testified before the committee:

These children “died a most horrific, torture method of extermination, […] to dismember the unborn means that we actually dismember them from the human family. We sever them from inclusion into the human family.

Stunningly, Dr. Monica Miller spoke words that, if really heard, will in the end, reveal the conscience of each of those muted Democrats serving on a committee overseeing the needs of families, children, and seniors. The irony cannot escape us.

Will Dr. Miller’s following words reverberate in their mind?

“…barbaric action that we would not do even to an animal. […]  These unborn children were literally cut to pieces…”

Video of Dr. Monica Miller’s witness on behalf of unborn children mercilessly murdered in their own mother’s womb:

A note of hope. Although those of us at Pulpit and Pen work to abolish abortion (whether preaching the gospel at local abortion clinics and/or by voting for pro-life political candidates), some states are taking action, even if it’s a piece of legislation at a time. Currently, seven states have either introduced or passed anti-abortion legislation with an emphasis on the possibility that Roe vs Wade will be overturned in the near future with the hope that conservation judges will be appointed to the United States Supreme Court.

These commonly called “trigger laws” are crafted to take effect automatically making abortion illegal if Roe is overturned. Currently, Arkansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, South Dakota, North Dakota, and as of Thursday, Indiana have trigger laws on the books.