Irony: “Terminator” Movie Billboard Put Up At Abortion Clinic

It’s called “ad placement.” In the realm of advertising, ad placement is everything. Apparently devoid of self-awareness or a sense of irony, a billboard for the upcoming Schwarzenegger movie, Terminator: Dark Fate, was put up on property belonging to a Brisbane abortion clinic.

The result was predictable.

The ‘Terminator’ billboard was placed outside the Marie Stopes Bowen Hills Day Surgery center, which is a child-kill center. Passersby weren’t sure if it was a joke by the clinic or the product of an advertising agency that should have thought things through better.

According to The Daily Mail, it was the clinic that requested the sign be removed, after some thought the billboard was a creative way for the abortuary to get business.

Abortion was legalized in Queensland in 2018, and women can have abortions up until the end of the second trimester. A spokesman for the abortion clinic called it “inappropriate.”

Actually terminating people, apparently, is totally appropriate.

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