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David Uth and Lifeway promoting more "experiential" heresy at the SBC

David Uth interviewed Rifqa Bary, author of Hiding in the LIght, during his speech at the Southern Baptist Convention earlier today. Bary is an ex-muslim who claims she came to Christ through an experiential event of a “presence” she had as a child in a garden, who she then found out to be Jesus when she felt the same “presence” in a church later in life.

David Uth trying to save face, defending Carson.

Some people just can’t let bygones be bygones. A few Days ago, Joni Hannigan of the Christian Examiner blog wrote a flimsy piece claiming that Calvinist bloggers bullied Willy Rice into disinviting Carson from the 2015 SBC Pastor’s Conference. It was tacky enough that she barely sourced anything in her article, and those she did … Read more

Ben Carson, the IRS, and an Implicit Rebuke of David Uth and First Baptist Orlando

“I think the decision to disinvite (Ben Carson from the SBC Pastors Conference) is sad and more importantly wrong.” David Uth “The point about the Carson controversy is not what individual evangelicals choose to do in the voting booth. It is that events like the Southern Baptist Pastors’ Conference need to be campaign-free zones. We’ve … Read more

David French, World Cup Soccer, and Thanksgiving

Long-time readers of this website may be surprised to learn that I have never read a single article written by David French. Even now, on this leisurely holdiday morning, I could be immersing myself in the current online war of words caused by the evangelical pundit’s support of the so-called Respect for Marriage Act. Instead, … Read more

Christian Apologist David Wood Eats Quran Live on Air, Threatens to Poop it Out

A Christian apologist who has made a name for himself discussing and debating Islam, frequently in a bombastic and obstreperous manner, tore out a page of the Quran and chewed on it for a few seconds during a live streaming broadcast on Youtube, before spitting it out and threatening to defecate on it next time, … Read more

Michael Brown Peddles Long Lost Prophecies From David Wilkerson

Dr. Michael Brown recently ruminated on whether or not a recently unearthed, possibly forged prophecy by none other than David Wilkerson could be a legitimate word of God. If you’re not familiar with that name, Wilkerson was an American evangelist, pastor, and charismatic darling. He was best known for his book “The Cross And The … Read more

Arrogant SBC Leader Literally Complains About Who He Calls the ‘Little People’

Former SBC President, James Merritt, is the proud father of homosexual ‘Christian’ journalist, Jonathan Merritt, who spends his days writing mostly gay things from a leftist perspective designed to undermind conservative Christianity. He’s also the genius who nominated walking disaster and gay-affirming pastor, David Uth, to head-up the SBC Pastor’s conference which has since been … Read more

Latest SBC Fiasco is What Happens When Leaders Ignore Discernment Ministries

David Uth was elected as SBC Pastors’ Conference President to the sound of thunderous applause. Nominated by leftward-drifting former SBC president James Merritt, father of prominent homosexual journalist Jonathan Merritt, Uth had already been on the radar of Pulpit & Pen for several years. We first noted Uth’s penchant for inviting troublesome speakers to fill … Read more

SBC Executive Committee Cans Pastor Conference Lineup, Investigates ERLC Liberalism

High Five

The SBC Executive Committee must have had an interesting couple of days, and they have shotgunned their Twitter feed with various seeming concessions ostensibly designed to placate infuriated conservatives. After SBC President, JD Greear, and SBC Executive Committee President, Ronnie Floyd, both insisted yesterday that the denomination isn’t “going liberal,” the Executive Committee announced that … Read more

SBC Leader Says Opposing Female Pastors is ‘Gender Lynching’

Dwight McKissic, a token black figure in the Southern Baptist Convention who terrorizes every annual convention with race-baiting resolutions, says that being against female pastors is “gender lynching.” McKissic, who helped foment ungodly domestic terrorism during the Ferguson riots and railed against police officers, also voted for Hillary Clinton because of “other pro-life issues” besides … Read more

Triggered: SBC Leader Says Critics of Female Speaking at Convention Are ‘Endangering’ Her

A constant refrain in the era of Antifa and protest culture is that “words aren’t violence.” Liberals, leftists, and millennials who have had their minds coddled often confuse speech with actual physical violence. One would expect better from SBC pastor conference president, David Uth. But then again, we should also expect Uth not to stack … Read more

Southern Baptist Convention to Have Female Pastor Speak at Annual Gathering

The Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) has announced that a female pastor will be taking front-and-center stage at the Southern Baptist’s annual meeting. The female preacher/pastor will be speaking in a genre called Spoken Word, a word-based performance art that includes a manuscript written to be read out-loud. Last year, Southern Baptist leaders toyed around with … Read more