SBC Leader Says Opposing Female Pastors is ‘Gender Lynching’

Dwight McKissic, a token black figure in the Southern Baptist Convention who terrorizes every annual convention with race-baiting resolutions, says that being against female pastors is “gender lynching.”

McKissic, who helped foment ungodly domestic terrorism during the Ferguson riots and railed against police officers, also voted for Hillary Clinton because of “other pro-life issues” besides abortion (like the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC), McKissic has redefined “pro-life” to mean anything and everything but ending abortion).

In wake of the controversy caused by a gay-affirming SBC pastors conference president inviting a female pastor, Hosanna Wong, to perform at the event, liberal Southern Baptists like McKissic are claiming that conservative sentiment is tantamount to a hate crime.

Of course, McKissic wouldn’t have a problem is Wong had a preaching role, either. He debated Tom Ascol on female pastors and preachers last year (in the affirmative).

Lynching, a volatile term steeped in racism, is a reference to 3,446 blacks hung by a rope between 1882 and 1968 (1,297 whites were also lynched during that time period).

Engaging in “catastrophizing,” a key component of snowflake culture, McKissic and David Uth – the gay-affirming pastor who invited Wong – are insinuating that critics of female pastors might cause actual physical harm.

Uth had claimed that criticism of female pastors could put Wong in “danger.”

McKissic was recently a highly celebrated guest speaker at the church of ERLC official, Bart Barber.