Triggered: SBC Leader Says Critics of Female Speaking at Convention Are ‘Endangering’ Her

A constant refrain in the era of Antifa and protest culture is that “words aren’t violence.” Liberals, leftists, and millennials who have had their minds coddled often confuse speech with actual physical violence. One would expect better from SBC pastor conference president, David Uth.

But then again, we should also expect Uth not to stack the lineup at the SBC pastor’s conference with lady preachers and guys who preach Game of Thrones sermon series, but that’s exactly what he did.

The Southern Baptist Convention is continually lifting the middle finger to God in open rebellion, as those who discernment ministries warn about the most are often placed in the highest positions of leadership (just as Ed Stetzer was put in charge of the 2020 Resolutions Committee). Almost any discerning figure was warning vigorously about First Baptist Orlando pastor, David Uth, who had a gay-affirming service in 2016 and prayed that discerning Christians would die.

It’s probable that when decisions are made, such as to nominate Uth for SBC pastor conference president, it’s done with a juvenile giggle and sophomoric guffaw, as they believe themselves “sticking it” to the discernment community in an exercise of stubborn dominance.

Unfortunately, you ignore discernment ministry only to your own peril. David Uth has now made a total mess of the 2020 pastor’s conference as any discernment ministry would have predicted.

The Baptist Press, the fake news outlet belonging to the SBC Executive Committee, tried to run interference for Uth in response to outrage about his insanely horrible lineup.

Uth spoke to the BP like a tween girl emotes about her feelings, “My goal, my prayer was that we could open ourselves up to hear from people that maybe were good friends of ours, but not in our Southern Baptist Convention. I feel like they have a message for us. I feel like God wants to speak to us through them. So my goal and my hope was that we could hear their message, we could learn from them, and we could embrace it.”

Apparently doctrine doesn’t matter to David Uth. But…we already knew that.

He went on to address criticism regarding the lady preacher he’s having come do her ‘Spoken Word.’

“She’s not preaching. She’s not coming as a preacher. She’s coming as a musical artist.”

One Twitter comment put it well.

Apparently, to Uth, doing something called “Spoken Word” isn’t technically speaking and preaching isn’t preaching so long as the words rhyme. It’s good to know all the rules, we guess.

Uth went on to say, “And then,” he said, “the other issue is with a musical artist (at past conferences) … I don’t remember doing background checks and investigating every one of the musical artists that came to a pastors’ conference. And I just feel that’s a little bit over the top.”

Of course, it doesn’t require a background check to know “female pastor” is a bad thing. Also, if you don’t know the background of who you’re having come preach, perhaps you shouldn’t have them come preach. Right?

The Baptist Press said Uth was concerned for Wong’s safety.

Uth’s staff is monitoring social media to determine whether sentiments are voiced that would endanger Wong for participating, he told BP.


Uth is trying to characterize complaints about Wong’s inclusion as coming from some kind of violent-prone alt-right SBC underground. Literally nobody would hurt Wong or even threaten it, but thankfully Uth’s megachurch staff is monitoring social media like the SBC’s NSA to catch the slightest hint of aggression.

Uth should be the president of Evergreen University or UCA Berk