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An Open Letter to the Members of First Baptist Orlando

Dear Christian Brother or Sister,

I’m a Baptist, like you.  I want to see God glorified.  I want to see the gospel go forth to the nations.  I am a graduate of New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, a school that your church has supported with the money you put in the offering plate.  You subsidized my Christian education.  So I hope you’ll listen to me. 

The International Church of the Foursquare gospel was founded by a controversial female preacher named Aimee Simple McPherson.  She was thrice married and twice divorced.  She was once a suspect in her own disappearance.  Prosecutors suspected her of running off with her lover and claiming she was kidnapped to cover up her indiscretion.  Again, this was the woman who founded the denomination.  Her denomination teaches that someone who is saved can lose his salvation.  This is a false teaching about salvation.  The Baptist Faith and Message says:

“All true believers endure to the end. Those whom God has accepted in Christ, and sanctified by His Spirit, will never fall away from the state of grace, but shall persevere to the end. Believers may fall into sin through neglect and temptation, whereby they grieve the Spirit, impair their graces and comforts, and bring reproach on the cause of Christ and temporal judgments on themselves; yet they shall be kept by the power of God through faith unto salvation.”

Wayne Cordeiro is the pastor of a Foursquare church.  He is a false teacher and he employees a female pastor.  Your pastor, David Uth, has invited Cordeiro to come and preach for Southern Baptist pastors, at your church, for the Southern Baptist Pastors Conference.  Why did your pastor invite a false teacher to preach to Baptists at your church?

David Hughes was also invited by your pastor to preach at the SBC Pastors Conference.  Here’s a video of the type of thing that goes on at his church.  These are kids dressed as Storm Troopers dancing on the preaching platform.  One of them grabs his crotch like the child molester Michael Jackson.  It’s a part of the show.  It’s on purpose.  A church leader told him to do it.  You can watch below.  This is what church is to David Hughes.  Is this what church is to you?  Do you want your kids to do this at church?

Hosanna Wong is a spoken word artist (whatever that is) whom your pastor has invited to the SBC Pastors Conference to participate in worship.  She claims to be the “teaching pastor” of her church in California.   Your pastor is paying this woman SBC money to come and perform for SBC preachers who are supposed to teach this, from The Baptist Faith and Message:

“While both men and women are gifted for service in the church, the office of pastor is limited to men as qualified by Scripture.”

Hosanna Wong is a false teacher in open rebellion against God.  Rather than rebuke her, your pastor has hired her for a worship event.  Would you do this?  Do you believe the absurd defense he gave of his action in the Baptist Press?

Listen, I could go on about the time he invited a Seventh Day Adventist (that’s a cult) politician to preach to you on Sunday.  I could talk about the other problematic invitees at this conference, like Jim Cymbala, but I think I’ve said enough.  If you still think what your pastor is doing is okay, I don’t know what else to say to you.  You can draw whatever conclusions you like, but I think your pastor is doing this based on a love of money and not on a love of God.  Your pastor had the gall to say that “God wants to speak to us” through these heretics he’s invited to your church.  Does the scripture teach us to listen to the preaching of heretics?  What I see is a very wealthy megapastor inviting his other very wealthy megapastor friends to a payday on your Southern Baptist dime.  Are you okay with this?

I want to encourage you to stop all funding of your church until such a time as David Uth is removed from the pastorate or you remove yourself from what would prove to be an unfaithful fellowship.  You older members, you who have been there for 30 years or more, was your church built on partnering with heretics, with false teachers, or was your church built on teaching and preaching the Gospel?  It may sadly be time to leave First Baptist Orlando.  I assure you, Jesus will come with you.

You should be ashamed of your pastor.  If you let him continue, you should be ashamed of yourselves. What will God do with you and your church if you don’t take action to stop the wickedness your pastor is purveying?

Your Brother in Christ,

Seth Dunn

Seth Dunn

Masters of Divinity in Christian Apologetics, New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary Member of the Evangelical Theological Society Certified Public Accountant