Wong is Wong: Why a Female Pastor Speaking at SBC Meeting is Not Okay

Hosanna Wong, a female pastor who regularly preaches to men and who gallivants around with her Hillsong and prosperity pals on the Trinity Broadcasting Network, is set to perform her “Spoken Word” at the SBC Pastors Conference, which is full of men. We are being told by SBC leaders that concerns about the denomination’s leftward drift are “much ado about nothing,” but this is a tipping point for the Convention by anyone’s estimation.

Listening to excuses for Wong’s invitation is like listening to a teenage girl’s list of things that she can do with her boyfriend that aren’t technically sex. It’s like that kid in True Love Waits who raised their hand and asked how far they can go without crossing the line. Even posing the question demonstrates they don’t get the concept and their heart isn’t right.

Wong isn’t speaking, she’s only doing something called Spoken Word.

It’s not preaching, it’s worship…because…because…the words rhyme. Doesn’t count.

Wong preaches to men all the time, but she’s not technically doing that at the 2020 SBC meeting. Sure, she would preach to the SBC pastors if you asked, but…she’s not.

These aren’t dissimilar from the other “how far can we go” technicalities imposed by leftward-drifting Southern Baptists.

It’s okay for a woman to be a pastor, so long as it isn’t a lead pastor.

It’s okay for a woman to preach to men, so long as a lead pastor is on stage.

A lead pastor doesn’t have to be on stage, so long as it’s clear the woman is preaching with his permission.

It’s okay for a woman to preach so long as it’s on something women are experts on like Mother’s Day or abuse or something.

The principle set in Scripture in places like 1 Timothy 2 and Ephesians 5 is that women and men have different gender roles and leadership is not one the two share. Men are to be pastors and logic would dictate, do the things pastors do (like preaching). Although leftward-drifting Southern Baptists are content to let a woman do virtually everything pastors do so long as they are forbidden from having the title pastor, the Scripture clearly cares more about the principle than the superficial title.

After all, of the 12 Patriarchs of Israel, none were women (as the term suggests). Of all the prophets of the Old Testament, none were women. Of all the authors of the Bible, none were women. Of 70 witnesses sent out by Christ, none were women. Of the twelve apostles sent out by Christ, none were women. Of all the elders appointed by the apostles, none were women.

Obviously, history demonstrates that there is a principle of male leadership that transcends semantics of the word “pastor” and speaks to the function of the pastorate.

Those defending Wong’s invitation on social media include scornful and rebellious woman extraordinaire Beth Moore, and the professional victim and sympathy-hustling social crusader Rachael Denhollander. Add to that the usual bow-tie wearing beta males like Chris Bolt and other members of the latte mafia, and it’s not hard to see what side Jesus is on.

Listen, right is right and Wong is Wong. There’s simply no excuse for a female pastor to be brought before the SBC and told to open her mouth.