Francis Chan Now Claims to Be a Faith Healer

Discerning Christians have been warning about Francis Chan’s descent into heresy for quite some time. Chan recently claimed that ecumenical unity is more important than Biblical truth, adopted the Romanist view of transubstantiation, posed for partnership selfies with Benny Hinn, and is headlining events with New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) heretics. And now Chan claims to be a faith healer.

Apparently, hanging out with health-and-wealth charlatans is paying off for the doctrinal drifter.

According to The Christian Post, Chan claims to have healed a number of villagers in a remote part of Myanmar, including the deaf. As with all good charismatic “miracles,” there were no cameras around and no testimonies that will make it into the official record.

The charismatic version of the Holy Ghost is like Bigfoot. He only comes out when there aren’t cameras around, unless he happens to make a brief appearance and, even then, he’s blurry.

Chan said, “I’m going, ‘God, please, please heal.’ People started coming forward for healing.”

Chan then added, “Every person I touched was healed.”

Yeah, okay. Pics or it didn’t happen.

Chan said, “I thought I had faith, but my faith was at another level, and I think there are some things that contributed — some of it was just faith in His word, that when Jesus says, ‘I am in you and you are in Me,’ to take that literally.”

What we don’t know is the name of the village, the names of those many people who were supposedly healed, and the names of those present who can corroborate the story.

You can see his wild, unsubstantiated testimony below.

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