Catholics Are Excited About Francis Chan Leaning Toward Catholicism

Is Francis Chan becoming Roman Catholic? His recently espoused views on transubstantiation certainly has Roman Catholics excited.

As Reformation Charlotte reported, “It appears that Chan is now embracing Roman Catholic doctrine on a deeper level than most people previously would have expected. Chan — who once referred to himself as a Calvinist — several years ago rebuked an apologist who spake at his church against the errors of Roman Catholicism. Now, Chan appears to be embracing one of the most horrific and idolatrous doctrines of the Roman Catholic Mass, transubstantiation.”

Below, a Catholic priest is giddy with excitement over Chan’s apparent move across the Tiber.

Again as Reformation Charlotte reports, “In the video below, you can hear Chan beginning to embrace this and acting as though this is a historical and biblical practice of the Church. In the video, he blames the “error” of viewing communion as symbolic on the Protestant Reformation stating that “it wasn’t until 500 years ago that someone popularized the thought that it’s [communion] just a symbol and nothing more.”

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