David French, World Cup Soccer, and Thanksgiving

Long-time readers of this website may be surprised to learn that I have never read a single article written by David French. Even now, on this leisurely holdiday morning, I could be immersing myself in the current online war of words caused by the evangelical pundit’s support of the so-called Respect for Marriage Act. Instead, my son and I have sequestered ourselves in the attic bedroom at my in-laws house to play Super Mario and watch World Cup Soccer.

I bet the family member pictured on this afghan also doesn’t care about David French.

Portugal is playing Ghana and I couldn’t imagine caring less about who wins. This soccer match is simply something happening until the Egg Bowl comes on this evening. I can all but guarantee that Lane Kiffin and Mike Leach won’t be looking at a 0-0 tie 22 minutes into their contest, nor will players whine and flop because someone rubs up against them during the course of play. On the note of men rubbing up against one another, let me return to the point: David French is in political support of federal legislation that recognizes and undergirds “gay marriage” (forever scare-quoted in my bible-based lexicon) while remaining theologically opposed to homosexual unions.

Pew-sitters like me are utterly incapable of forming such a cleverly nuanced position. We simply defer to the biblical notion of loving what God loves and hating what God hates (see Romans 12). It takes Ivy-League-educated evangelical pundits like French and progressive Christian publications like Christianity Today to tell us that we should think otherwise.

I’m as unsurprised about it as you. I’ll leave it to other evangelical pundits such as Al Mohler and Rod Dreher to use hundreds to words to refute French on social media and in the digital periodicals that the Christian masses largely don’t read.

I hope you’ll resolve with me to be vigilant when it comes to guarding the pulpit at your local church. While the pews are largely devoid of believers who put stock in what David French and Karen Swallow Prior write in The Atlantic and The Gospel Coalition, this is not the case at the seminary. There are men training to be pastors who are actually influenced by the wolf-in-sheeps-clothing pundits the devil uses to deceive Christ’s church. Be on the lookout for them lest French’s foolish ideas find their ways from the internet to your local church to your Thanksgiving dinner table.

This soccer game is still 0-0, which added up, is equal to how many David French articles I intend to read next year.

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