David Uth and Lifeway promoting more "experiential" heresy at the SBC

How then will they call on him in whom they have not believed? And how are they to believe in him of whom they have never heard? And how are they to hear without someone preaching? And how are they to preach unless they are sent? … – Romans 10:14-15

Apparently, all you need is to feel a presence, feel safe, and know that it’s Jesus.

David Uth, megachurch pastor of First Baptist Church, Orlando, interviewed Rifqa Bary, author of Hiding in the LIght, during his speech at the Southern Baptist Convention earlier today. Bary is an ex-muslim who claims she came to Christ through an experiential event of a “presence” she had as a child in a garden, who she later found out to be Jesus when she felt the same “presence” in a church later in life. David Uth asks her this question:

Tell them about, when you were young, you had this sense of a presence, and you weren’t sure what it was, and the next time you felt it was when you were in a church.

and Bary responds:

The earliest memory I have of Jesus, and I didn’t realize it was Jesus meeting me, was when I was about 12 years old–2 years old, and I was playing in the garden, and I felt this strong presence, and I would keep turning back, as a little girl, and that memory was imprinted into my spirit. I remember feeling so safe and loved and cherished, and I kept looking back, but I just knew that someone was there, and it was so big, and that day that I went into the church building, I knew without a doubt that it was the same presence I had felt in the garden as a child and things were okay.

All during this interview, David Uth is praising her, and affirming her experiential events that led her to Christ, devoid of Scripture and the Gospel. At the end of the interview, David Uth announces that Lifeway will now be selling her book, and that she will be available for signing. This isn’t surprising, however, since David Uth was such a strong proponent of having Ben Carson, a Seventh Day Adventist cult member speak at the event this year, and was highly disappointed when Carson was disinvited.

Apparently doctrine doesn’t matter at all in the SBC anymore.

Watch the interview below:




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4 Responses

  1. Denise Grimes says:

    I know of many claims of conversions by “ex-Muslims” with similar stories, yet they have this in common: this “Jesus” sometimes doesn’t even identify himself (that’s a clue that it’s not Jesus Christ the risen Lord), he doesn’t tell them of their total depravity (clue #2), and they walk about feeling good about themselves, justified in their sin and without repentance nor submission and faith in the biblical Jesus Christ, and there is no fear of Jesus who is the Holy One of Israel. Indeed Jeff, this is definitely heresy.

    If people remember, Bary was the girl who ran away from her home because of alleged threats from her father for converting, and a pastor and wife hid her for two weeks in FL (she is from Ohio). A huge legal mess ensued.

    • Delwyn Campbell says:

      Are these the same people who are being martyred for their testimony that they believe in Jesus Christ instead of the “Issa” of Islam by ISIS? I have reservations about their conversion as it fits the Confessional position of the Means of Grace, but it appears, if they are the ones who are dying for the Faith, that avowed Muslims view them as Christians, not as Muslims.

      • Denise Grimes says:

        I think the majority of them are not biblical Christians, and as you probably know, anyone other than Muslim or Jew is called a “Christian” by Muslims, which isn’t right since Roman Catholics are not Christians by the standard of Scripture. Many of the “converts” end up over in the RCC anyway. I believe some are deceived into believing that “Isa” is Jesus, but he isn’t. Of course, there are likely biblical Christians who really have been killed for the biblical Jesus, but the world can’t distinguish the difference.

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