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Ben Carson Advocates for Abortion Drug, Isn't Sure When Life Begins

Remember Dr. Ben Carson, the Seventh Day Adventist that David Uth and other SBC leaders pushed so hard for to speak at the 2015 Convention? You know, the one that those pesky “Calvinistic” bloggers “bullied” Willy Rice into dropping from the line-up?

Uth, a convention leader and speaker said this,

I was hopeful that our convention could hear from him because of his incredible gifting from God.

Then there was Maxie Miller, a black SBC pastor and former director of the African American Ministries Division at the Florida Baptist Convention who turned it into a racial issue by saying:

It’s a sad day when bloggers can control the platform of the convention or the Pastors’ Conference,…if the bloggers can do that, that takes away from the voters that place leaders in those positions…Cultural sensitivity a must in the church, especially where there is an understanding of grace.

Yet, none of these leaders had any problem with Carson’s anti-Christian cult membership. But now Dr. Carson’s un-Christian worldview is coming to light. Yesterday, Carson was asked by Neil Cavuto on Fox News if he thought it was okay to abort children for rape or incest. His response was,

In cases of rape and incest I would hope that they would very quickly avail themselves of [the] emergency room. And in the emergency room, they have the ability to administer RU486, other possibilities, before you have a developing fetus.

Cavuto then interjects, saying “that is at the point of conception, do you see that as life?” Carson responds,

Certainly once the heart starts beating.

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Therefore, Dr. Carson, an accomplished neurosurgeon, does not see life beginning at conception. His worldview is not grounded in any way upon Scripture, yet, the SBC treated him as an evangelical hero, and a great gift of God. Will Willy Rice, David Uth, and others admit they were wrong for inviting him?

Why does the SBC continue to play politics, and immerse themselves in the world?

You can see the entire interview on Fox News here: