Christian Apologist David Wood Eats Quran Live on Air, Threatens to Poop it Out

A Christian apologist who has made a name for himself discussing and debating Islam, frequently in a bombastic and obstreperous manner, tore out a page of the Quran and chewed on it for a few seconds during a live streaming broadcast on Youtube, before spitting it out and threatening to defecate on it next time, in response to a growingly hostile situation involving him and an Islamic apologist opponent.

The shocking action was brought to a head after Muslim apologist Mohammed Hijab, according to Acts 17 Apologetics Ministry Founder David Wood, posted photographs insulting and attacking the wives of ex-Muslims, essentially ‘declaring that freedom of speech allows him to insult and degrade women and to use sexually perverse and violent imagery (including imagery of rape and torture) in his attacks.’

In response to these provocative actions, (Fact check True. Mohammed Hijab has posted some terrible things, which also did not materialize unprovoked and out of thin air) David Wood opens up the quran and thumbs through it, saying “Look at this…wow…so many chapters I could pee on…” and then continues:

Yeah I make fun of your prophet, but I make fun of your prophet because he’s, as far as I can tell, the most horrible person in the history of humanity. That’s why I make fun of him. And I make fun of him because I believe it’s a peaceful way of responding to a horrible, horrible person…

In response to Hijab having the mindset ‘because they’re attacking the prophet, we will attack their wives,’ David threatens:

Dude, you seem to think “well, they did it therefore I can escalate, and you seem to think that we can’t escalate. Are you serious? I’m an escalator. Put me in a mall because I’m an escalator Dude. That’s what I do…

Look at that? Surah Al Fatihah. You guys see Surah Al Fatihah here? Surah Al Fatihah man. Hijab, do you really think, do you really think we can’t esclate? My goodness.

Woods then tears the quran in half and shoves it in his mouth, chewing on it while guests Ridvan Aydemir laughs his head off and Abdullah Sameer looks like a deer caught in a headlight, seemingly horrified at what is being said and done.

Do you really think that you want to go this route? You think ‘Oh, he might Islamicise me. He made the boom-boom room’. Dude, I will buy the domain if you keep going down this road. And every single thing that happens. Every single thing that happens, I will say this is cause of Mohammed Hijab. He put us in this direction. Hey Mohammed you like to spit, right?

David spits out the page.

There goes Surah Al Fatihah. Want to keep playing with me dude? Next time I’ll actually Swallow the Surah and you know where that will go in two days. You know where that will be in two days.

If David Wood and his fellow apologists have any goal of actually proselytizing Muslims and seeking to reach them with the gospel, this is a heck of a way to go about it. Unfortunately, Wood’s ministry frequently devolves into the worst elements of both sides flinging dirt at each other while tossing scraps of red meat to their bases, emboldened by how shocking they can be in their quest to offend. This needlessly provocative maneuver seems to be more the same.

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