Arrogant SBC Leader Literally Complains About Who He Calls the ‘Little People’

Former SBC President, James Merritt, is the proud father of homosexual ‘Christian’ journalist, Jonathan Merritt, who spends his days writing mostly gay things from a leftist perspective designed to undermind conservative Christianity. He’s also the genius who nominated walking disaster and gay-affirming pastor, David Uth, to head-up the SBC Pastor’s conference which has since been sidelined for being filled with a roster of heretics.

Merritt is also a proponent of the Evangelical Intelligentsia, a ‘woke’ leftist cabal of parachurch ministry leaders who attack local churches, constantly trying to infest them with vain philosophies and empty deceit (Colossians 2:8).

And Merritt is hopping mad that ordinary Southern Baptists whose tithe money pays for the chicanery at the Southern Baptist Progressive Olympics are throwing a fit over the leftward turn of the Convention, mostly flexing their muscle recently through the Executive Committee of the SBC which pledges to investigate the ERLC’s liberalism and scuttled the lady preacher-infested pastor’s conference.

We recently posted about the arrogant attitude of the SBC elite in the article, Southern Baptist Leaders, JD Greear and Ronnie Floyd, Tell Us to Eat Cake.

Well get a load of this condescension from the SBC’s chief homo-dad, James Merritt…

How do all you readers feel about being called “little people.” Darn you “little people” ruining the SBC with your various appointments.

When people pointed out the dripping arrogance of it, Merritt lashed out at some and ignored others.