Jim Bakker Now Insinuates His Veneral Disease Elixer Was Given By God Straight from Heaven

The convicted felon and rapist, Jim Bakker, has a doomsday infomercial on television he masquerades as a religion show and is always peddling products to his audience, some with dubious commercial claims. These products are not sold, but given, in return for a charitable donation. This keeps taxes from being paid (he went to jail for tax evasion) and undercuts the competition on price.

Recently, Bakker has been selling a miracle elixir, and the claims of things it can heal continually grow. The “silver solution” was initially sold by Bakker for run-of-the-mail ailments, but its cures increasingly have grown to include venereal disease, HIV, and coronavirus.

Now, Bakker has an additional claim for his snake oil. He claims it was given directly by God from Heaven.

Bakker’s show claimed, “It’s like God created it in Heaven to help us.”

The Mayo Clinic warns it can kill you. Use sparingly.