JD Greear Brags About Receiving ‘Worst Christian’ Trophy

JD Greear, the woefully immature “frat boy” president of the Southern Baptist Convention, took to social media yesterday to brag about receiving a “worst Christian of the year” trophy in the mail, which was sent to him in acknowledgment of receiving the award by Pulpit & Pen.

At the time the end-of-the-year award was given, Greear flashed the Pulpit & Pen article on the screen at his big-box seeker-friendly megachurch, to much laughter. Thankfully, numerous church members then looked up the website, saw the material, and promptly left Greear’s church in disgust after seeing their pastor’s behavior.

Any church who would have him speak doesn’t take their doctrine seriously.

Some of the reasons Greear received the annual award are as follows:

Black pastor leaves SBC because JD Greear’s Social Gospel

Another church leaves SBC because of JD Greear’s Social Gospel

Yet another church leaves SBC because of JD Greear’s Social Gospel

Voting Democrat is a “great choice” says JD Greear

JD Greear says Muslims and Christians worship the same God

JD Greear literally shakes his behind to crowd of cheering women

JD Greear says ‘greed’ is ‘equally sinful’ to homosexuality

JD Greear butches Biblical Text in preaching Social Gospel

JD Greear hopes for a “politically neutral” “Social Justice” future for SBC

JD Greear retweets views of liberal lesbian, promotes her

JD Greear tells ‘selfish white church’ to ‘spread that privilege around’

JD Greear tells church it’s okay to believe in evolution

JD Greear hosts Obama campaign strategist, lectures Christians to be more compromising on the issues

JD Greear tells Christians to use preferred transgender pronouns

JD Greear demands Christians stand-up against supposed “anti-Muslim discrimination”

JD Greear promotes devotional demanding white people give up their ‘privilege’

JD Greear cancels Christmas service, but charges $5 to attend Good Friday service

JD Grear provides cover for Democrats on “born alive” issue

JD Greear says we should ‘shut up about the Reformation’

For Greear, however, discernment is funny. Surrounded by yes-men, lap-dogs, and latte-sipping sycophants, he seems unaware of his gross unpopularity among serious-minded Jesus-followers.

Greear posted about receiving the trophy yesterday.

Beth Moore shouted out support for Greear, who Greear has repeatedly supported in her sinful feminism and attack on Biblical gender roles.