SBC President Says It’s Okay to Believe in Evolution

In a podcast dated December 16, 2019, Southern Baptist President, JD Greear, says it’s perfectly fine to believe in evolution and Christians should read the Book of Genesis with an “open mind.”

Entitled Is It Okay to Believe in Evolution, Greear gives approval to denying God’s narrative of how He created the Heavens and Earth.

After acknowledging that his answer would “get him in a lot of trouble,” Greear says…

“Can you be a Christian and believe in evolution and not have it show something significantly wrong with your faith? The answer is yes.”

Greear went on to acknowledge that Tim Keller he thought held this view, as evidence that Christians “godlier and smarter” than he believed in “theistic evolution.”

Greear also acknowledged in the podcast that he didn’t personally hold that view, but that theistic is a perfectly acceptable view for Christians to hold.

You can listen to the podcast here.

Is there a compromise on the Bible that Southern Baptist leadership won’t tolerate?

[Editor’s Note: HT Toni Brown]