Todd Bentley Victim From 2017 Speaks Out

A new development in the Todd Bentley sexting scandal emerged yesterday when Rod Radosti, founder of Church14 ministries and former frequent ministry partner of Todd Bentley, uploaded a video to his Facebook page of one of Todd’s victims speaking out and detailing the nature and the existence of their sordid relationship.

Todd Bentley and his horde of defenders have repeatedly protested that his latest and most egregious sins were from 2014 and that since then he’s been pure as the driven snow. They have been pushing the narrative and publicly stating that these sins were addressed and resolved in 2014, and that he has been forgiven and restored, and that it is time to move on. In Todd’s most public and direct response to this, he repeatedly stated them as being 6+ years ago.

It’s under the guise of this narrative that Todd Bentley is still enjoying a wide amount of support on his and his ministry supporters pages, where despite the condemnation of the tribunal as Todd being disqualified, and of the revelation of decades of grossly immoral behaviour, he is being honoured as one who “has a past, but God is using mightily.” Charismatics and NAR adherents historically have enjoyed infinitesimally low levels of discernment when it comes to the sinful behaviour from their leaders, and this case has sadly has proven to be no different.

And yet this video testimony (for which full written legal consent was granted for public use by the victim and purposefully shared to this end) shows Todd’s protestations to be a lie and his version of events to be a complete fabrication. It also reveals these events continued to happen at least up to 2017 (with more to come soon, demonstrating that his perverse transgressions extended to even more recent history than that.)

Although some may be skeptical that this is just a one-sided accusation, what is damning is that when confronted about this woman and her story, explicitly stated to be in 2017, and which showed Todd being the victimizer and her being a victim, he took exception to that characterization of it as abuse.

In the process of reiterating his insistence that they were consenting adults and that “we as adults sinned,” he acknowledges and corroborates the veracity of her story and put the lie to his claim that this all happened back in 2014.