Condom-Eating Drag Queen Stopped from Performing at School by Conservatives Who Had Enough

A drag “queen” who is known for an act that includes eating spent condoms was barely stopped from performing at a public high school in the nick of time by a conservative pro-family group. Liberals were incensed he wouldn’t be able to perform for the students.

The drag “queen’s” fake name is Ivy Adamas, and it was announced via social media he would be speaking at the school. However, the video (below) of his condom-eating act was then found by the Scottish Family Party who put their foot down on the invitation to perform by the Dunbar Grammar School.

The event is called “Happy Fest” and features drag “queens” corrupting the minds of young people.

Richard Lucas, president of the Scottish Family Party, said…

“Of concern are the blood-stained dress, foul language, graphic sexual vulgarity (“I want to eat your d&*%” etc.), overtly sexual movements (such as masturbatory motions), crude fake female genitals, and the extraction of a condom from his mouth.”

On Tuesday, headteacher Claire Slowther replied to Lucas’ email and explained he had been canceled, but added that the school is “ensuring that children and young people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or intersex (LGBTI) experience an inclusive education and learn about LGBT issues at school.”