Pastors Concerned About SBC’s Leftward Drift to Meet Prior to Annual Convention

Two men who are primarily responsible for the Southern Baptist Convention’s leftward drift claim that the SBC is not experiencing a leftward drift. Albert Mohler and Danny Akin, two seminary presidents who are stacking their institutions with as many liberals as is humanly possible, made the assertion that the SBC isn’t going liberal earlier this year to the Baptist Press.

However, back in Realityville, any impartial evaluation of the nation’s largest Protestant denomination reveals that it’s not only headed left, it has largely become the left. SBC president, JD Greear, has advocated for transgender-preferred pronouns, invited an Obama campaign staffer to lecture his church on why religious convictions don’t matter when it’s time to vote, and said that Christians and Muslims worship the same god. The Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) is run by a Democrat, Russell Moore, who says he wishes his wife were a Democrat and more like Hillary Clinton. Southeastern Seminary president, Danny Akin, has implemented a radical takeover of his institution by Cultural Marxists and even hired a feminist, leftist, and animal rights activist, Karen Swallow Prior. Mohler has spoken out against Critical Race Theory while hiring and promoting almost exclusively those who teach it. And at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, the institution has thrown out all vestiges of the Conservative Resurgence, literally ripping images of Resurgence leaders out of the chapel walls.

In response to this obvious leftward drift, SBC pastor, Alex McFarland, is organizing an event just prior to the annual SBC pastor’s conference that will focus on the unfortunate leftist takeover of the Convention. It will meet at the Holy Land Theme Park in Orlando.

AFA reports McFarland saying…

There have been more and more – in what I would call in the ivory tower of the seminaries, the denominational hierarchy, and leaders of LifeWay – who I think have drunk some of the liberal/progressive Kool-Aid.”

Some Southern Baptists find it hard to believe their beloved denomination has gone the way of the United Methodist Church, Evangelical Lutheran Church of America, or the American Baptists. Likewise, they find it hard to believe that once-solid theologians like Albert Mohler are not who they were believed to be. Nonetheless, people are beginning to catch on.

That is a good thing.

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