SBC's Russell Moore Says He Wishes His Wife was a Democrat, More Like Hillary Clinton

SBC’s Russell Moore Says He Wishes His Wife was a Democrat, More Like Hillary Clinton

Flashback: In 2009, Russell Moore, the former Democrat staffer who currently runs the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) of the Southern Baptist Convention said he wished his wife was a Democrat and more like Hillary Clinton.

Moore, who invited Hillary Clinton to preach to Southern Baptists in 2015, is a regular critic of President Donald J. Trump, who called Moore a “very nasty guy with no heart.” Moore’s ERLC is the head of the Evangelical Immigration Table, which receives funding from George Soros, whose Open Societies Foundation created the amnesty-for-illegals organization.

In a 2009 column, Russell Moore says he almost pulled out of the driveway of his yet-to-be wife on their first date after seeing a Republican campaign sign in her yard. The thought of a Republican wife was revolting to the left-of-center Southern Baptist leaders, and he wanted a wife more like Hillary Clinton.

In the article still posted at the website in his name (curiously, it is paid for by the Southern Baptist Convention even though it’s his personal site), Moore made the claims.

Moore said…

Even after I agreed to let my cousin introduce us, I almost stopped it. On our first date, I almost turned around in her driveway when I saw the “Bush/Quayle ’92” sign in the yard. I was campaigning all over south Mississippi for a Democratic congressman, and I was going out with a Republican?

The leftist went on…

More than that, I worried she was “too quiet,” as I explained it to my cousin, too gentle, for the rough world of politics where I planned to live my life and career. I had illusions that I was going to be governor of Mississippi one day, and I needed a wife who had the “fire in the belly” to speak on the campaign stump, pressure donors into giving more, and attack back at political opponents. I needed a partner who was a Mississippi version of (at least the 1990s version of) Hillary Rodham Clinton, I guess I was thinking.

This is the man who runs the political lobbying arm of the Southern Baptist Convention who weaponizes his research fellows to attack Republican candidates, one of which just this week said it ‘wasn’t good’ that Donald Trump was pro-life.

Wake up, Southern Baptists.


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