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Southern Baptist President Says to Call ‘Transgenders’ By Their Preferred Pronoun

Albert Mohler and Danny Akin told the Baptist Press that there is no liberal drift in the SBC. In spite of that ostrich-in-the-sand approach at surveying reality, the Southern Baptist Convention’s president, JD Greear, just suggested that we call ‘transgender’ people their preferred pronouns. He called it “pronoun hospitality,’ and credited Revoice homosexual, Preston Sprinkle, with the term.

In a November 18 podcast episode for Ask Me Anything, Greear sided with leftists, liberals, and the LGBTQ community on lying about God’s creation and suggested it’s best to call people by the wrong pronoun.

Greear claimed there is a “spectrum of ‘generosity of spirit’ versus telling the truth and amazingly says that he leans away from the truth and toward ‘generosity of spirit’!

This is the president of the SBC who is suggesting we refer to Caitlyn Jenner instead of Bruce and call him a her.

Welcome to the SBC, folks. Oh, and Greear began by claiming those who even question him on the issue are “like the Pharisees with Jesus.”

To add insult to injury, Greear quotes Sprinkle to say “the Bible uses accommodating language.” I kid you not.

If you doubt any of this, it’s all transcribed on Greear’s website here.

Or, watch/listen below (fast-forward to the 6-minute mark.