Man Gets Assaulted by Students Over ‘All Lives Matter’ Sign, Beat Over Head with It

A man at California State University politely stood next to a woman with her own leftist sign, before being assaulted by the woman.

The man’s sign reads “All Lives Matter.” The leftist student’s sign appears to say Black Lives Matter and the student herself appears to be Hispanic. As he stood next to her, she began to scream at him and then upon reading the sign, ripped it from his hands and proceeded to beat him with it.

If you watch the video, please be aware there is a language warning, and you might want to listen to it on silent.

The man put his hands in his pocket while the woman screamed at him, “He’s been ________ harassing me,” which is apparently her way of saying that he was exercising his Constitutional right of free speech and peaceful assembly.

After beating the man upon the head with his own sign and realizing she was on video, the woman then played the “victim card,” claiming that she felt that her safety was being compromised.

The leftist bully then screamed at him that he was “sacrificing her __________ safety by standing so close to her.”

He was then surrounded by leftists and screamed at for having the audacity to get beat up.