SBC President Greear Describes Politically-Neutral, Social Justice Future of SBC

While repeating the word ‘gospel’ enough to remove all meaning from the word’s actual definitional usage, almost as a slogan or catch-all term to preemptively pacify or confuse critics (a common strategy among progressives), Greear gave his imagination for the Southern Baptist Convention’s future.

Speaking to the leftist political organization, which is partnered with George Soros on the Evangelical Immigration Table and run by former Democratic staffer Russell Moore, the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC), Greear described the future he wanted for the nation’s largest Protestant denomination.

Greear hopes include a denomination that disregards or devalues political alliances (he said this twice in the video), an odd thing to say in an important presidential election year when the sitting president is a friend to evangelicals and the opposing party is led by an non-observing Jew, a homosexual, and a United Methodist 1/1024th Native American who wears fetus blood for war paint.

ERLC president, Russell Moore, was certainly in favor of political alliances when he met with President Obama at the White House to discuss his Soros-funded plans for amnesty and open borders.

While giving a passing reference to the two issues of “sanctity of life” and “sanctity of marriage” (both issues have been almost completely abandoned by the ELRC, which deals primarily now with advocacy for open borders, amnesty, criminal justice reform and victimology), Greear went on to mention issues that ‘make us formed by the gospel’ somehow, including advocating for the proletariat.

I pray that we would be shaped by the gospel and not just by cultural or political alignments. I pray that we would have a prophetic voice, that we would continue to speak with clarity on things like the sanctity of life, sanctity of marriage, that we would continue to stand for righteousness but that we would be shaped by the gospel that we would also speak with love for the vulnerable, for the refugee, for the immigrant, people who represent Christ who don’t just look like one party versus the other.

The notion that Christ is uniquely represented by the “vulnerable” is actually a tenet of Liberation Theology, a South American Jesuit-inspired hermeneutical view of Scripture that adopts the Marxist paradigm of the “oppressed versus the oppressor” as a lens through which to view Scripture.

Greear treated Americans’ political binary choice between the two parties as morally neutral, as though one wasn’t morally superior to the other. As far as ethics are concerned, the ERLC is doing a horrible job equipping Southern Baptists to think rationally about our binary choice between one party that is fundamentally opposed to God in their platform and another party that is imperfect, but not overtly blasphemous to their core. This is the political ambition of the Democrat who runs the ERLC, Russell Moore.

Watch below.

Greear began and ended the video by incessantly dropping the word “gospel” without any clear explanation of the word’s actual meaning.

The Gospel is that Jesus Christ died for sins on the cross, was buried, and rose again from the dead (1 Corinthians 15:3-4). To JD Greear, it’s a word that you say a bunch of times when you make Democrat talking-points videos designed to make a conservative voting demographic go leftward in the next election.

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