Southern Baptist Church Hosts Obama Campaign Strategists to Preach Social Justice

A church plant belonging to the Southern Baptist Convention and funded by the North American Mission Board (NAMB) recently hosted strategists from the Obama Campaign and the Democratic Party to help direct the church’s Social Justice efforts.

The narcissistically titled Image Church is a church plant belonging to JD Greear’s Summit Network Partner Churches. The website also says it’s in partnership with NAMB’s SEND initiative, meaning that it’s funded in part by the North American Mission Board and money put into Southern Baptist offering plates.

The Image Church hosted the ecumenically-named The Pursuit of Unity event, which was basically a Social Justice rally featuring Democratic political strategists.

Image Church hosted the event in partnership with the And Campaign, which seeks to drive evangelical voters to the political left by capitalizing on certain Democratic talking points that can be carelessly characterized as Biblical ideas.

The goal of the And Campaign bleeds the divisive nature of Cultural Marxism, which is to “disrupt America’s sociopolitical arena by asserting the justice and righteousness of Jesus Christ.

It is ideologically identical to the theology of Jesuit-inspired Liberation Theology born in South America in the 1970s.

Here’s a video hosted at the And Campaign website which includes its community organizer, Justin Giboney, campaigning in Democratic political rally.

Giboney, according to the And Campaign website, “in 2012 and 2016, Georgia’s 5th congressional district elected him as a delegate for the Democratic National Convention and he served as the co-chair of Obama for America’s Gen44-Atlanta initiative.” The church website says that the Pursuit of Unity Conference was hosted in partnership with the Democratic And Campaign. Giboney (above) spoke at the church to help it steer itself toward Social Justice.

From the church website.

Another speaker at the Social Justice Conference hosted by the Greear-partner church was Michael Wear, another Obama campaign strategist and Democrat.

A screenshot from the church’s website.

Make no mistake about it…”Social Justice” is nothing but a vehicle used by the Democratic Party to infiltrate an important voting block and steal evangelical votes from the only party that doesn’t stand against everything that is holy.

If you are a Southern Baptist and don’t want to fund churches bringing in Democratic operatives to teach Social Justice, learn how to stop supporting the Cooperative Program through the book, The Cooperative Program and the Road to Serfdom.

[Editor’s Note: HT Tommy Littleton for the research]